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Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Amazon Jungle, Bolivia Salt Flats, Lake Titicaca, Inca Trail, Chile, Patagonia & Easter Island.

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Cusco, Peru offers the perfect mix of exotic, high-altitude urban swank with laid-back indigenous charm, for adventure lovers seeking an amorous venue unlike any place on the planet.

7-Day Romantic Machu Picchu Getaway


Discover Things to Do

Volunteer Cusco Region

We arrange for your family or group to spend 2 or more days to volunteer in schools, orphanages or planting trees. No experience necessary.


Culinary Activities

We offer hands-on cooking classes, visits to markets, breweries, and the option to visit a Qechua farm to experience an authentic Pachamanca meal. Lima…


1-Day Tours and Hikes

Flexible, customized activities for small groups. Explore Cusco historical center. Enjoy Cusco outskirts by car or by foot. Tour the Sacred Valley by car…


Special Interests

Photographers, hikers, educational groups, over 50 and luxury travelers can be accommodated with customized itineraries and activities to meet their interests.


Group Travel to South America

The expedition experts at Adios Adventure Travel arrange distinctive, life-changing journeys for travelers to Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia. From group tours that trek barely discovered territory to photography vacations with exclusive panoramic vistas, our group travel packages to South America are designed to appeal to explorers of all ages from all walks of life. Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or just want to get out of your comfort zone, Adios Adventure Travel is excited to be your ultimate tour guide.