Our equipment

We use the following equipment for all tours that include overnight camping:

  • Quechua Declaton and Marmot 3-man tents that accommodate 2 people with packs, and larger tents for families of 3 or 4 (We are not organizing hikes on a daily basis, therefore our camping equipment does not get as much use as full-time hiking operators.  Nevertheless, we update and upgrade our equipment every camping season or more frequently if needed)
  • Zippered medium-sized duffle bags to hold up to 5.5 k / 11 # of personal gear to be carried by porters
  • Therma-rest brand air mattresses
  • Porta-potty toilet shelter
  • Cooking & dining tent with table & stools
  • Steri-pen & Katadyn water filters
  • Adjustable trekking poles
  • If you choose to rent our sleeping bags, we use "Marmot," "North Face," "Mountain Hardware" & "Sierra Designs"  brands.  Bags are sanitized after each use but we require that you bring a bag liner. (sadly for some, we do not provide pillows)

Bicycle tours include the following equipment:

  • Same tents, filters, mattresses & duffle bags as for the camping trips
  • Full-suspension bikes for good downhill control
  • Adjustable helmets (required)
  • Riding gloves (you can also bring your own)

Vehicles, Guides & Drivers:

  • We use 8, 12, 15 or 22 passenger late-model private vans/buses depending on the size of our groups
  • Drivers are licensed for the vehicles they control
  • All guides are licensed and trained to respond to basic medical situations and know how to access the nearest medical facilities