Qosqo Tales

"Qosqo Tales:" A Collection of Legendary Stories, Fables and Fairytales from the Andes

This is a series of stories we are offering for the purpose of educating people about native Peruvian culture. The "Qechua Culture Literary Project" is a collection of Andean legends, stories and fairytales from the Qechua culture, which will be translated into Spanish and English for publication. The books will serve two purposes. The primary objective is to capture the verbal stories passed down from generation to generation in Qechua communities. The secondary goal is to draft a picture book of stories told in 3 languages, with original artwork, for children of the indigenous Qechua communities of the Andes. Because Qechua is a spoken language, there is little if any historial record of these stories. And there are very few books written in the native Qechua language. 
Brothers Vidal and Hubert Jaquehua, beloved Adios Adventure Travel guides and natives of Cusco, are committed to producing fresh, original content and rich historical legends of life in the Andes, designed to entertain, educate and connect with people of all ages. From nowhere else on Earth will readers get the authentic voice, refreshing candor, and unique historic and cultural wisdom, shaped by the lifelong first-hand experiences, observations and insights of — and brought to life by — our intrepid and revered guides. The primary goal is to share these warm, delicious slices of life as the way to readers’ hearts, and to bring traditional spoken stories to life through illustrated books, to cherish, not only by citizens in native and Spanish-speaking communities, but around the world.
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