RSS Feed en 120 6 Tourists Arrested in Machu Picchu January 2020 Six tourists were arrested in Machu Picchu on Sunday January 14, 2020 for allegedly damaging the Temple of the Sun and suspicion of defecating.

One person from France, one from Chile, 2 from Brazil and 2 from Argentina were found by authorities in a restricted area of the national park. The report I read did not indicate that there were any witnesses to the crimes. Several sections of the Temple of the Sun are closed to visitors for certain times of the day. 

Here's what we know:

  • 6 foreigners were in a restricted area
  • a section of the stone wall had broken…
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How to Train for Machu Picchu Treks As the leading provider of Machu Picchu group tours and treks, Adios Adventure Travel understands that while having the proper clothing, equipment and hiking accessories is extremely important for hiking the Inca Trail, the most beneficial thing you can do is to make sure each member of your group is in adequate physical condition. You don't have to be a super athlete, but knowing your limitations is useful. Trekking several hours a day, for multiple days in a row at high altitude is challenging for even the most seasoned hikers. 

We're here to provide information to help you get ready…

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Best Time to Avoid Crowds at Machu Picchu I've traveled to Machu Picchu just about every month of the year. Not to say that travel trends don't change, but I have a pretty good idea how to avoid the crowds at Machu Picchu. My focus here will be on the season, not the time of day, because no matter what season you travel, afternoons are always less crowded.  

I don't include Inca Trail permits because they have limit of 500 per day which includes porters, guides and cooks.  This leaves about 200 spots per day for hikers and this number is stable year round except in February when the Inca Trail is closed for maintenance.  


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What is the Age Limit to Hike the Inca Trail? How old is too old and how young is too young to hike the famous (and strenuous) 4-Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? If you look at the overall distance, it doesn't look that bad. The total distance is around 26 miles / 41 kilometers over the course of 4 days. Even beginner hikers can do that right?

Let's look more closely at the details and break down the components to help you decide if the Inca Trail hike is right for you.

Is there…

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How Many Days Should You Spend in Machu Picchu? After traveling sometimes several days by air, train, bus and even on foot to get to Machu Picchu, you want to make sure you have enough time to visit and explore the ruins. Most visitors exert a great deal of effort, not to mention expense, to get to the middle of nowhere in the Andes Mountains. How much time should you spend inside the ruins?  Should you go 1 day, 2 days or longer? And what do you get? A traditional guided tour takes about 2 hours to wander along a 1-way circuit of your choice. There are 2 to choose from. (in 2019 the number of circuits was changed from 3)


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Best Packing Guide for Travelers to Machu Picchu Are you traveling to Machu Picchu, Peru this year?  The comprehensive Adios Adventure Travel packing list is your best resource for preparing for your trip to Machu Picchu.  Whether you're hiking or traveling by train, we provide detailed information to help you decide how much is too much, and how to choose only the essential items needed for this kind of travel.   Click here to see "Packing Guide for Machu Picchu & Galapagos Island."

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What's the Biggest Mistake Travelers Make When Planning A Trip to Machu Picchu? You would think the biggest planning mistake would be something like forgetting to check the expiration date of your passport, which does sometimes happen and is among a list of oversights to be avoided. (follow this link to read more about the most important thing you need to enter Machu Picchu) But the biggest blunder is one that you may not be aware of until you're actually hiking inside Machu Picchu National Park.

Adios guides shared with me what they think is the biggest flaw in planning strategy made by many visitors…

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Machu Picchu Weather: the good, the bad, and the ugly,-the-bad,-and-the-ugly/ The most frequently asked questions about traveling to Machu Picchu are regarding the weather.  We've collected the best intel, along with a few other facts to help you decide when to travel and how to prepare for your trip. Follow this link to see our most popular trip: 7-Day Machu Picchu Walking Vacation.

The good news about Machu Picchu:

  • Machu Picchu is open every day of the year from 6 am to 5:30 pm.  
  • there are 2 seasons:  WET from late November…
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Changes Affecting Travelers to Galapagos Islands The following changes in the Galapagos Islands will affect costs for independent travelers and possibly the cost for packaged trips in 2020:

  • Charles Darwin Research Center has always been free. A new pilot program to better control behavior of visitors, will require everyone to hire a guide at the main entrance at the rate of $10 USD per person and enter in groups of 6-8 people. 

Similar pilot programs are planned for…

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How to Give a Trip to Machu Picchu as a Gift Will Machu Picchu fit under your Christmas Tree? Absolutely! Are you looking for a memorable gift for someone special? Giving the gift of travel is a trend that is becoming more popular, especially during the holidays. Perhaps it's due to the realization that we have accumulated mountains of stuff much of which is not only forgotten but is now part of the useless daily clutter of our modern world.

Giving travel experiences is thoughtful and projects to your recipient that you want them to experience something immeasurably valuable and potentially life-changing. The importance of travel…

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