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The Future of Machu Picchu Tours For various reasons, there have always been rumors about Machu Picchu "closing shop." The grapevine of unreliable comments ebbs and flows depending on . . . who knows what? It might be confusion about the routine closing of the Inca Trail every February. But once a story lands on the internet, like a raging fire, it can easily blow out of control. People need to understand that unless the Peruvians want to crush the blood supply to all their hotels, tour operators, airlines, airports, guides, drivers and porters, Machu Picchu is not closing! 

The country depends on revenue from the steady…

Sat, 31 Aug 2019 16:58:00 +0000 Jacqueline Whitt
Should you Travel to Machu Picchu, Chachapoyas and Kuelap Ruins?,-chachapoyas-and-kuelap-ruins/ A new state of the art cable car system has been installed in a small village near Kuelap ruins, with the idea of attracting more visitors to the Chachapoyas Cloud Forest region in northern Peru. The cable car system solves but one of many logistical problems for getting the masses to the ancient fortress of Kuelap. The idea is to spread the wealth of travelers around the country and take some of the heat off Machu Picchu.  Machu Picchu and Kuelap are in the same country. Peru. But that's the only detail they share in common. It's like traveling to the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park…

Sun, 25 Aug 2019 17:14:00 +0000,-chachapoyas-and-kuelap-ruins/ Jacqueline Whitt
What to Wear? "Machu Picchu Fashion Week" Technically, the Peruvian government doesn't give a hoot about your haut couture. The only official decree regarding toggery, is that everyone must be togged. Nudity is explicity prohibited.

Aside from that, Machu Picchu is your oyster. So what are visitors to Machu Picchu wearing these days? I would describe the average costume for the over 50 crowd, as a uniform of earthy tactical pants with lots of pockets and zippers topped with breathable performance Ts, or snazzy button down shirts with sleeves that roll up and button in place with cute tab holders. And maybe a secret pocket with…

Sun, 11 Aug 2019 19:58:00 +0000 Jacqueline Whitt
Which Amazon Jungle Lodge is Best for You? For most people, traveling to South America is a pretty big deal. It's a big deal for me and I've been traveling there for more than 13 years. Many people are interested in exploring one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. The Amazon Jungle! But how do you decide where to go with so many variables? One of the questions that comes up is, "How do I choose a lodge for my trip to the rain forest?" 

Based on people's questions and feedback over the years, and my visits to several lodges, I've created this one-stop…

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Should You Dine at MIL Restaurant in Sacred Valley Peru? If you build it in the middle of nowhere, without public transportation, and charge scandalous prices, will they come? Chef and culinary pioneer Virgilio Martinez is confident they will. Why? Because after launching a successful restaurant empire in Lima, he knows foodies. Like sailors beckoned by the seductive song of the siren, gourmet diners will travel to the ends of the earth for the chance to sample foods that excite their palates. Connoisseurs don't let earthly concerns like money or logistics prevent them from attending a potential gastronomic convergence.

Hubert and I spent…

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What's the Biggest Mistake Travelers Make When Planning A Trip to Machu Picchu? You would think the biggest planning mistake would be something like forgetting to check the expiration date of your passport, which does sometimes happen and is among a list of oversights to be avoided. (follow this link to read more about the most important thing you need to enter Machu Picchu) But the biggest blunder is one that you may not be aware of until you're actually hiking inside Machu Picchu National Park.

Adios guides shared with me what they think is the biggest flaw in planning strategy made by many visitors…

Thu, 18 Jul 2019 12:11:00 +0000 Jacqueline Whitt
What you Need to Know About the Cost of Inca Trail Hikes Whether you choose the Classic 4 day Inca Trail hike or the extended 5 day Inca Trail trek, the following policy enforcements may affect rates you pay in 2020.  The issue of porter weight limits flares up from time to time and we're pleased to report that park officials have recently began enforcing the limits and fining operators who try to circumvent the rules.

Here's what's happening. 


Tue, 16 Jul 2019 18:30:00 +0000 Jacqueline Whitt
Cruise Free Trips to the Galapagos Islands For Seasick Sufferers According the the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 100% of people are at risk for experiencing some form of motion sickness. This doesn't mean everyone will get seasick on a cruise. It means they're susceptible. Fortunately, everyone responds to stimulus that causes motion sickness differently and plenty of people enjoy boating. But those of us who suffer from seasickness know who we are.  And our loved ones know who we are.

The only thing worse than being sick on your vacation is perhaps…

Sun, 14 Jul 2019 17:48:00 +0000 Jacqueline Whitt
This is What Altitude Sickness Feels Like The first time I went to Cusco, Peru with a group of high school students, let's say the altitude kicked my butt. I traveled by air from sea level for 1 hour / 20 minutes to 11,000 feet / 3440 meters. 

But that was not nearly as bad as the time I flew from sea level to 12,500 ft / 3810 meters in 2 hours to Juliaca, Peru, situated in the highlands not far from Lake Titicaca. Just in case I doubted my ability to adjust quickly (or ever) to high altitude, I traveled to an even higher destination. I flew from Miami to Bogota, Colombia and continued immediately to El Alto Airport in La Paz,…

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