Become a Group Leader

Bring your friends on a trip to South America and travel for free.  
Substantial savings for natural born leaders. We appreciate the effort it takes and we want you to benefit.

Here's how it work:

  • For groups of 13 people or more, who pay to book a trip 8 days or longer, all the expenses included for each group member are free to the trip host. That's you!  (based on double or trple occupancy) Hotels, entry tickets, ground transportation, tour guide services are free.
  • For cruise ship groups, leaders who organize a minimum of 10 people (max 14 people) are entitled to 50% off the ground cost of a 3-Day excursion to Machu Picchu (based on double occupancy)

Here's the deal:

  • All communications will go through the leader. You will be the go-between for questions, documents and pre-departure travel information.
  • Adios Adventure Travel will arrange all the payments.
  • Each person pays separately as couples or individuals.
  • Flights, some meals, drinking water, travel insurance, airport fees, excess baggage fees are not covered
  • 30% non-refundable deposit payments are due at time of reservation.  Including the leader. Cancellation rules apply
  • Group leader can pay single supplement for private room
  • Leader will be reimbursed the full amount of the deposit on the day the trip departs if there are no changes to the itinerary or the list of members
  • Includes Inca Trail permits when hikes are booked as part of your total trip 8 days or longer
  • Group members should arrive and depart on the same dates. (extra nights can be added for extra cost)
  • Leader are not expected to help lead during the trip.  Once you arrive, your job is done
  • Your trip will be private.  We will not combine your group with any other people
  • We will provide each host with a detailed itinerary and quote to share with your group by email. You decide how much extra you want to charge to cover your international flights and meals.
  • Recruit 25 or more travelers for trips 7-Days or longer, and we will reward your hard work with free travel & $1000 USD cash bonus after the trip.

What happens if someone cancels and the number of travelers falls below the minimum? 

  • *For cancellations that occur 30 days or less before the trip, 100% of the full payment of the person(s) cancelling is retained and the group leader is not obligated to contribute
  • *For cancellations that occur 31 days or more before the trip, the full deposit is retained and the group leader will be required to make up the difference. 70% of the total ground cost based on double/triple occupancy

Got Questions?  Contact our US office.  We're ready to help you become the best leader. Ever! Where do you want to go?