Our Philosophy

Our travel philosophy and company ethos are best represented by the hands-on attention we provide to our small group tours. From the moment you reach out to contact us, we want to know about you, your interests, and your needs. Our website is loaded with travel itineraries to inspire as well as an active travel blog to keep you informed. We prefer to arrange the best trips, not the most trips.   

Our Mission and Philosophy

Adios Adventure Travel strives to furnish memorable and meaningful travel experiences that foster conscientious use of resources and genuine appreciation, decency, good will and respect toward the citizens of our destinations. Through our attentive, cross-­cultural and service-­oriented collaboration, we aim to cater to the individual needs and interests of our travelers while also elevating the standards of well-­being among, and our relationships with, the people in the places we visit. Our overarching vision is to govern our business based upon ethical principles of management with benefit and equity to all founding partners, and to advance fair employment practices for staff and operatives.

How we benefit local communities:

  • Adios Adventure Travel is equally owned by Jacquie Whitt and Vidal Jaquehua
  • we employ local people and buy locally-sourced products
  • we support cottage industries
  • we advance fair employment practices
  • we offer authentic volunteer experiences organized under the direction and in cooperation with local communities
  • we support LEAVE NO TRACE principles 
  • we support TAP (Travelers Against Plastic)
  • we are involved in locally based initiatives and financially support improvements in local infrastructure as well as living condtions
  • we support PACK FOR A PURPOSE
  • we participate and support medical missions 
  • we support SENDA VERDE Wildlife refuge in Bolivia. This is the real deal.
  • we support Sacred Valley Project - school for local girls

Comments from travelers:

"We chose Adios Adventures for our 16 day Peru adventure after hearing about them in forums. We'd been trying to decide between Gap and Intrepid, even though both seemed expensive and neither had our preferred dates. We saw Adios had glowing reviews in a few forums comparing the other companies and emailed Vidal to get a quote. We got a response almost immediately from Jacquie, Vidal's side-kick based in the US, and were offered a package that was perfect for us - the right price, our dates, our chosen level of involvement (rest days included for us) and low-to-mid range accommodation - because we're backpacking around the world and didn't want to blow our budgets!"

"Now our tour is finished, we hold Adios Adventures in even higher esteem. Even with how smoothly everything had been organised by Jacquie and Vidal in the months before the trip, we were still blown away by their awesomeness the moment we kicked off the tour in Bolivia. I could write paragraphs for each of the 16 days, but instead I'll break it down to what was important."  

(read entire excerpt from their website - click here)