Chile & Easter Island
Pre-Departure Info

Chile & Easter Island Pre-Departure Information

Note: Local Time is GMT-3 in Patagonia & GMT-5 in Easter Island

The information outlined here is important to prepare you for your trip. Please read all information carefully and let us know if you have any questions.


Chile & Easter Island Pre-Departure Information (the information on this page in a printable format)

Patagonia Packing List

Easter Island Packing List

Santiago Airport Free WIFI Link

Cash & Banks

The national currency of Chile is the Chilean peso. Credit cards accepted in 99% of establishments. If you want to use Chilean currency, bring enough for: 

  • Meals (some lunches and dinners).  All breakfasts are provided by the hotels. Some boxed lunches are covered for activities in Patagonia.

  • Beverages (water, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages)

  • Gratuities (optional - Cash in Chilean peso preferred)

  • Souvenirs

  • Odds and ends. Example: taxi in Santiago to go to dinner, etc.

The amount will vary from person to person. Here is an estimated guideline:

Busy Days in Towns$75-100 per person per day

Days in National Parks$50-75 per person per day

Easter Island$100-200 per person (for entire 3 Day Easter Island trip)

↠ ATM’s are located in Santiago, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas, and Valparaiso.

↠ The daily limit for cash withdrawal per account is 200,000 pesos / about $258 USD depending on the exchange rate

↠ Most restaurants  (99%) accept credit cards.

↠ Uber is popular and plentiful in Santiago. Santiago airport has free open WIFI. 

 Travel Insurance Requirements

↠ We advise all travelers to purchase comprehensive travel insurance covering all costs associated with their trip. Adios Adventure Travel is not able to offer a refund for any portion of any payment for any reason including but not limited to, financial loss due to strikes, government actions, war, a national or global crisis of any kind, adverse weather, force majeure, evacuation and treatments for medical emergencies, delays, air or ground ambulance services, and repatriation. Adios Adventure Travel & its representatives and partners do not insure trips. If you don't arrive as scheduled, or if you depart early, there is no refund for any portion of your trip, for any reason. Adios Adventure Travel and it's partners and affiliates do not offer any refunds for any reason. The only option to recover any of your investment is to file a claim with your insurance provider. We will gladly assist with any documents needed.

↠ You are free to choose any provider including, but not limited to:

 Checking In for Flights

We may book some flights for our groups as a courtesy and to ensure continuity of the trip. We are not responsible for any changes made by airlines. Although we have not had any reports of problems with people who choose to check-in at the counter, we provide your confirmation codes in case you do want to check-in online in advance. All hotels have free wifi. If you have trouble connecting, you can ask your hotel staff for assistance in checking in. Before you depart for your trip, we provide you with the contact numbers to reach our in-country team. If you have any concerns about checking in online for your domestic flight and need advice, let them know before you travel.  

↠ When checking in at the airport for local flights, it can be beneficial for all members of your group to check in together. Gather all the passports and present them at once. However, it’s also fine if you prefer to check in on your own.  

 Luggage Restrictions (subject to changes)

↠ Santiago - to Patagonia: 158 cms3 / 62 inches3 (sum of the width + length + height) / 23 kg (50.7 lb)

↠ Santiago - Easter Island: 1 checked luggage 23 KG (50.7 lb) (The airline allows 2 checked bags per person, but we recommend only 1 for 3 day trip.)

Carry-Ons are the same as flights in the US - Up to 15 lbs. Must fit in overhead bins. 

 Luggage Storage

↠ Excess luggage can be stored in your hotel in Santiago if you plan to visit more than one location with different climates. Please pack an extra duffle bag to use for this purpose. 

Loss of Luggage or Personal Property

↠ Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for the misplacement of any personal articles whilst on your travels. Naturally, we will endeavor to reunite you with your misplaced items but please bear in mind that logistics may not always be favorable for the return of articles.

 Drinking Water

↠ Water in Chile is not only safe to drink from the tap, it is one of the best places for drinking local water on the planet. And it is the best option to reduce plastic waste. Note that you cannot buy water in plastic bottles in Patagonia. Please bring a reuseable container for personal use. 

 Ban on Plastic in Patagonia - Water Bottles & Plastic Bags

↠ Plastic has been banned in Patagonia since 2014. In restaurants, when requested, bottled water is served in reusable glass containers. You cannot buy plastic bottles of water anywhere in Patagonia! Or ziploc plastic baggies..

↠ Bring reusable water bottles, bladders, or collapsible pouches for personal use and fill up at hotel tap. The guide will provide additional water in the van during the activities. 

↠ Please bring your own stash of ziplocs for carrying a personal supply of toilet paper and random things that may pop up.


↠ Hotels in Santiago offers laundry service.

↠ Hotels in Puerto Natales may offer laundry service. It depends on which hotel is reserved.

Allow plenty of time. Hotels will offer 24-hour turnaround service, but we suggest you allow them at least 48 hours.

 Communications & Phones

↠ Although WiFi may be offered, it is subject to interruptions and this is beyond the control of anyone.

↠ Even if you have international texting and cell phone service, you may or may not get texts and messages.

↠ Guides have local phone service, but it is subject to the same gaps and interruptions.

Expect to be “off the grid.”