We welcome all travel agents from around the world. We want your clients to rave about the trip you arranged. When you look good, we did our job!

We want to help you gain that competitive edge with your clients.  Adventure travel is the newest trend enjoyed by travelers of all ages and budgets. And what we call "soft adventure" travel is here to stay. When your clients look for authentic and unique trips to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile, call us. We are the experts.  

Our most popular destinations are:  Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Amazon rain forest, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia Salt Flats and Galapagos Islands.  We are experts at combining destinations into one seamless itinerary.  We provide the same special attention to the needs and interests of your clients as we do our own.

If your clients want to explore authentic South America, here's how we can help:

  • we have an office located in the US. Click here to Contact us anytime. Business hours are flexible. We're in Virginia.
  • we have an office in Cusco, Peru
  • we're small, flexible and nimble.  We're authentic and hands-on.
  • we've personally traveled to all the places you see on our website & we have insider knowledge
  • we offer special tours and activities for groups with special interests:  students, photographers, chefs, knitters, weavers and hikers, to name a few.
  • we save you time - tell us about your clients and we'll customize an itinerary for them. 
  • we can take care of all the reservations, except international flights.
  • we do not subcontract 
  • we recruit and train our own in-house guides and drivers.  
  • we have references.  Find out why agents like us.
  • people write about us in online travel forums.  

Things to know:

  • prices listed on website do not include commissions for agents.  Most travelers who use agents understand that this service is an additional cost and are happy to pay the extra.  
  • we suggest 10% commission add - on
  • we negotiate.  It's in our best interest to make this work for you and your clients.  
  • our bank is located in the US. We accept credit cards, checks and wire transfers
  • we provde packings lists, respond promptly to questions and phone consults can be arranged.  

Ready to talk?  Give us a call:  757-714-6649