Peru Adventure Film Project May 2019

"Every culture and society should seek ways to achieve peaceful coexistence among its citizens."

Reminding us of this, and telling stories through their lenses, is what photojournalists and documentary filmmakers do. Two-time Pulitzer Prize nominated photojournalist and film director Roger M. "Luke" Richards chases an Inca legend in the Andes Mountains, and this is your chance to be part of his feature documentary film team. More than a trip to Machu Picchu, this adventure is in pursuit of clues to an ancient mystery that modern technology has not been able to resolve. When searching for truth, you turn over as many stones as possible to see what lies beneath. After a successful shoot in June 2018, a followup trip is planned for May 2019. This is your chance to be a part of this amazing film project, "Chasing An Inca Legend."

"You don't get to choose what you find."
And so our journey continues to the Land of the Incas in 2019.

How Was This Story Found?

Jacquie Whitt has been traveling and working in South America for over 12 years. Graduating university with a degree in anthropology, she has pursued this passion as an amateur anthropologist alongside her professional work as an adventure travel expert.
On one interesting encounter in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, she stumbled onto what might be the answer to a question that has challenged scientists and historians for centuries: how could the Inca or pre-Inca civilization so precisely carve the large megalithic stone used to construct their ancient cities with only primitive tools? Multi-ton blocks of stone are interleaved without gaps, even to fit a credit card, and rise into the sky with glossy smooth surfaces slicker than a pane of glass.
Jacquie saw evidence of the use of an innovative technique in multiple Inca constructs, likely once widely used but had become lost over the ages. She is convinced the evidence deserves more in-depth scientific investigation.
This film chronicles a journey to investigate the mystery of the lost process Jacquie stumbled into, which could also raise new questions about how ancient civilizations beyond the Andes functioned. It could change history as we know it.

Join this trip to Peru May 14-23, 2019

Description of the Project

The project continues in 2019 when the team arrives in Cusco, Peru, where we will continue filming. Up to 10 participants will be personally involved in the details of documentary film production, beginning in Cusco and as we travel to the Sacred Valley. Each member of the team will be assigned a role but will also learn multiple aspects of film production. 

Although there is no extreme hiking or climbing, participants can expect to walk and should be prepared to bring a small backpack large enough for personal items as well as film gear. There are a couple of short half day hikes and a visit to Machu Picchu is included.
The project concludes in Cusco, Peru.

What you Need to Know

Each participant is required to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE agreement to protect the integrity of the project.
Professional film equipment will be used, and participants will get experience in the technical aspects of production.  
However, our main emphasis is on the craft of storytelling and not technical training.

Personal cameras and devices are welcome after a discussion regarding the parameters for their use. 

All post-production work will be done by Roger Richards. Participants are not expected to assist with editing of the movie.
 The feature documentary film production is intended for release on theatrical and online streaming platforms, to be announced in future.
All participants will be included in movie credits.

Who Should Join The Team?

Aspiring filmmakers * Historians * Botanists * Photographers * Videographers * Students *
Scientists * Adventure Travelers * Writers

 How to Inquire

Deadline February 28: Send an email to INFO@ADIOSADVENTURETRAVEL.COM /Include full name, email address, age, phone number and current country of residence.

March 15: Up to 10 participants will be accepted

March 30: Final payment due. 

Peru Trip Dates: May 14-23, 2019 

Cost per person in USD: $1950

Payments can be made by calling our US office in Virginia. M-F / 10-6 PM. All credit cards accepted.

Included in the price:

  1. All accommodations in basic 3* hotels with private bath in double rooms
  2. All ground transportation from the time you arrive in Cusco until you depart.
  3. Cusco airport transfers.
  4. Breakfasts in the hotels
  5. English-speaking local guides and interpreters 
  6. Entry fees to all the sites we visit including Machu Picchu
  7. Film gear and equipment
  8. Travel assistance

Not included in the price:

  1. International flights to Lima, Peru
  2. Domestic flights from LIM-CUS and CUS-LIM
  3. Lima hotel (Wyndham is only hotel located at the airport. Best rates can be found on Expedia, Orbitz etc)
  4. Lunches / dinners / bottled water except where noted (budget $30 USD pp per day)
  5. Tips for local staff (at your discretion)
  6. Travel Insurance (we recommend WORLD NOMADS. You are free to choose any provider) 


Meet Roger M. "Luke" Richards

Filmmaker and photographer Roger M. Richards works in nonfiction, fiction and commercial film production, photojournalism/ documentary photography and multimedia production for magazine, newspaper, commercial, TV and motion picture clients.

His work has ranged from coverage of the White House in Washington, DC to conflict zones around the world, including the disintegration of Yugoslavia (particularly the wars in Croatia and Bosnia and the 44 month siege of Sarajevo), the civil wars in Nicaragua, El Salvador, the US invasion of Panama, the guerrilla and narco-conflict in Colombia, political and social issues in Haiti and Peru, and the search for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Richards was a founding Senior Producer and Director of Photography with The Drew Carey Project at ReasonTV from December 2007 to November 2009. Prior to that he was Multimedia Editor/Producer, photo editor and staff photographer for The Virginian-Pilot newspaper in Norfolk, Virginia from 2001 to 2007. At the Pilot he helped pioneer, the first newspaper video portal in the world. He is a former Associated Press photo bureau chief in Bogotá, Colombia, and was a staff photographer at the Washington Times in Washington, DC, from 1997-2000.
His television work has been broadcast on several networks, including ABC, NBC, FOX and the National Geographic Channel. His films have been shown at many film festivals, including winning a Best Short Documentary prize at the 2009 Oxford Film Festival for “Mississippi Drug War Blues: The case of Cory Maye”, which he co- directed with Paul Feine. Richards also works as a Director of Photography and film editor on projects by other directors and producers.

He is the recipient of numerous awards for photography, video, multimedia and picture editing from the National Press Photographers’ Association, the White House News Photographers’ Association, Pictures of the Year International, American Society of Magazine Editors, Society of Newspaper Design, Society of Professional Journalists and the Virginia News Photographers Association. He was twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, in 1990 and 2008. Richards was a picture editor on the staff of the Virginian-Pilot when the newspaper won the Society of Newspaper Design's international award for World's Best Designed Newspaper in 2001. Richards is the author of ‘Remember Sarajevo’, photographs and writings from the siege of Sarajevo (2004, Zone Zero Editions). It was one of the first publications of war photography to be published in the eBook format.

Roger M. Richards is currently a member of the WARM Foundation, an international foundation working on the world’s contemporary conflicts. He is also on the International Expert Team of the Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada, focused on documenting and bringing to justice war criminals wanted for acts of genocide. He has been a member of the White House News Photographers Association since 1997.

FILMOGRAPHY (from 2010):

2017-Tidewater (Feature documentary-directed by Roger Sorkin) Camera
2016-Sarajevo Roses-A Cinematic Essay (Feature documentary) Director-Writer-Producer-Cinematographer.
2016-Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution is Now (Feature documentary-directed by Jon Bowermaster; executive producer and narrator Mark Ruffalo) Cinematographer.
2015-Dear Governor Brown (short film, 25 mins.-directed by Jon Bowermaster) Cinematographer.
2014-Glen Campbell..I'll Be Me (Feature documentary/directed by James Keach) Cinematographer,Washington D.C.Unit.
2013-Gold Star Children (Feature documentary-directed by Mitty Griffis Mirrer) Director of Photography and Editor.
2013-Finding Family (Winner of two 2014 BAFTA-British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards-feature documentary-directed by Oggi Tomic and Chris Leslie) Photography
2011-Building Peace on Desktops (12 minutes) Co-Director- Cinematographer-Editor with Chris Tyree.
2010-A Walk with Ghosts (9 min 54 sec) Director-Cinematographer and Editor.
2010-Reason Saves Cleveland (Feature documentary-narrated by Drew Carey) Cinematographer and Editor.

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