Yes. It's true. It was officially announced less than two weeks from the date that it took effect on June 1, 2024. The Machu Picchu national park has been divided into 10 new routes, or circuits. All 10 routes are showing on the Joinnus ticketing website which I linked below. I also included a link to view a chart on the OLD Machu Picchu website showing how to convert the old circuits to the new circuts. So stay with me. Follow us on Instagram (@AdiosBasecamp) or Facebook 

Have fun and go to Machu Picchu on your own, but get help if you need it.  

Many visitors go to Machu Picchu on their own, setting up hotels, trains and buses.  However, based on the questions we're getting and the comments I see on social media, people are confused. Or worried. If you're one of those people who likes to show up and figure things out as you go, you're going to love Peru! But for travelers who are on extremely tight schedules or get nervous about having any lose ends, it's OK to ask for help. We're here for you if you need it.

Machu Picchu New Circuits Update June 5:

After only 17 days, 4 hours and 10 minutes since the new circuits at Machu Picchu were first announced, changes were made to one of the circuits. Don't worry. This was a "good" change. You're going to love it. But what this indicates to me is that they're still tweeking these circuits! All you detail oriented travelers who are studying the visceral topography, celestial declination, not to mention altitude gain of these routes before you decide which ticket to buy may want to take a breath and get prepared for the possibility of minor changes after you buy your entry tickets .Especially people who are buying tickets months in advance. The Peru government is notorious for not saying anything in advance except the barest facts, followed by a lot of radio silence. This is when we tap into our local resources to figure things out and stay on top of subsequent changes. I've been all over that park to every single hike and circuit. No matter where you go, you're still in Machu Picchu folks! Click your heels 3 times and soak it in! "There's no place like Machu Picchu!"

New Circuits at Machu Picchu are Color Coded (Red, Blue and Yellow)

Machu Picchu national park has color coded the 3 main routes to assist visitors with visual cues for the path they're on. Circuits 1 are RED, Circuits 2 are BLUE and Circuits 3 are YELLOW. All the circuit 3 ticket holdes have a separate entry to the right side if you're facing the restrooms and ooncession area. Circuits 1 and 2 will enter at what is known as the main gate. Visitors do not receive color coded tickets and are expected to remember their color as they follow the designated paths. Signs at intersections in the park include circuit numbers and color coding. Expect more rangers on hand to help you stay on course.

Here's what we know about changes to Machu Picchu circuits 

  • all tickets for entry to Machu Picchu 10 new circuits are now showing on the same website as before on TuBolet/Joinnus, for entry through December 31, 2024.
  • MAPS for each NEW circuit are now available on the OLD Machu Picchu website. CLICK HERE
  • all existing circuits at Machu Picchu will be affected by the new changes. Tickets for the old circuits are sold out and no longer available. With the approaching launch of another NEW ticketing website, Joinnus is going Adios soon!
  • the changes to the circuits began June 1, 2024 and are currently in effect
  • although they announced an increase to 5600 visitors per day in June 2024, it's a mystery to me how they calculate their numbers. In February after Joinnus website was launched, I added up all the tickets for foreigners and citizens of South American countries and got over 10,000 people per day. That's right. Every year when they release the new tickets in early January, I tally up all the tickets available for every circuit and it's been over 7000+ visitors per day for several years. So. 
  • even visitors who pre-purchased Machu Picchu tickets before June 1, for entry after June 1, can expect changes to the circuit they chose
  • there are 4 new routes for circuit #1  NONE OF THESE ROUTES INCLUDE ACCESS TO THE ANCIENT CITY. These are routes only for panoramic views of Machu Picchu city from the upper terraces and access to hikes to Machu Picchu Mountain, Inca Bridge as well as the hike up to the Sungate.
  • there are 2 new routes for circuit #2 named - "Classic Designed Route" and "Lower Terrace Route." Both of these routes include access to the full upper and lower circuits of the actual city. Both routes now show access to the Inferior platform for the classic view. In the beginning stages, route 2B did not include that. But since they updated the tickets, I see both routes look the same on the maps. Our manager is checking on this to make sure it's not an error.. If you don't understand the difference between upper terrace and upper circuit, click here to read more
  • there are 4 new routes for circuit #3 and all are now listed on the Joinnus website
  • Tickets for Circuit 3 "Wayna Picchu" route are now showing on Joinnus website.
  • the "Great Cavern Route" is what used to be the "Temple of the Moon." This was an extension of the Wayna Picchu hike but it has been closed off for a while. It appears they are "monetizing" this hike as a new separate route. As far as we know, it does not include hike to Wayna Picchu
  • do ticket holders who bought their tickets need to do anything? We don't believe so. There's a link below to a chart to see what the tickets for the previous circuits will change to on June 1. It's our understanding you just show up. Make sure you have your ID documents that you used to buy your original tickets.
  • At this time, the following hikes, Great Cavern, Huchuypicchu, Inti Punku and Inca Bridge,will only be enabled for the high season period. (June 1-Oct 15 and Dec 30,31)
  • if you have the ability to get the assistance needed to get your wheelchair up to Machu Picchu, there is now a designated path for wheelchairs on Circuit 3 - Designed route (if you need help with this, let me know. We have assisted people with wheelchairs in the past.)

Here's what we don't know about the changes to Machu Picchu circuits:

  • we have been told the new website will launch in August, but no date has been announced. (CLICK HERE for info about the launch of NEW Machu Picchu website)
  • will the tickets for the old circuits that you carefully selected and purchased before June 1 be available if you're entering after June 1? We're trying to clarify how this is being handled. 
  • our manager went to the Ministry office in Aguas Calientes looking for information. He's getting conflicting info about how the circuits and hikes will be combined for those visitors who bought tickets based on the old circuits. If you don't have a tour guide who will advocate for you, you may need to speak up and explain your expectations. How's your Spanish?

In case you are looking for the chart that shows how to convert the old circuits to the new circuits, here's a link to the official OLD Machu Picchu website for access to the latest info! 

Can you buy tickets now to Machu Picchu?

Yes! Tickets for entry to Machu Picchu on the new circuits are now available on Joinnus/TuBoleto website. (the same website as before). Tickets for the new circuits are available from June 1 through December 31. The old circuits are no longer showing up on the Joinnus website. Adios!

Tckets for the prime circuits (#2) were sold out through Oct 15. But guess what? They added more tickets on June 4. So have at it!

I'm tracking stories and articles in Peruvian publications. It appears that representatives of the tourism sectors (boots on the ground folks) are pushing back on the new plan. We're not the only ones who notice the disparity in the distribution of tickets offered for access to the ancient city, and the tickets for the upper terraces, which is fast becoming like the "kid's table" at Thanksgiving dinner. So. It ain't over.

What circuit will you get at Machu Picchu if you show up with entry tickets for an old circuit?

Will you get the circuit you want? The one you studied more than any course in your entire high school career? That special circuit? One of our followers wanted to find out and went straight to the Llama's mouth for the answer. She asked the folks at Joinnus if they would get the circuit they chose at time of purchase? Here's the answer they got,: "If you bought your tickets with the old routes, there is no problem, the route you have chosen will be respected." 

What if all tickets for Machu Picchu Circuits 2A and 2B are sold out? 

These two tickets are the only tickets with access to the full (upper and lower) circuits inside the city. Here's what I would do as an alternative plan. Check for tickets on any circuit 3 and any circuit 1. Then set up a 2-day trip to Machu Picchu. Buy one ticket for afternoon of the first day. IMO, I would go with circuit 1 for the afternoon because that's when the skies are most likely to be clear. And circuit 1 is all about the view. Buy the other ticket on the morning of 2nd day. Ideally this will be in the city up close and personal. It won't matter as much if it's misty and cloudy. The two tickets will give you access to the upper terrace for panoramic view of Machu Picchu on any circuit #1. And circuit #3 will give you access to the lower circuit of the ancient city. And you can get a ticket with a hike if you like. Huchuy Picchu (on circuit 3) and Inka Bridge (on circuit 1) are the easiest. 

Which new circuit is the best for exploring Machu Picchu?

My initial analysis (this is preliminary folks) based on the intel I'm getting from Vidal in Cusco (and his cuzzie!), and the maps that are now posted for anyone to see (on the old Machu Picchu website), is that all the four circuits with #1 are mainly for the views of Machu Picchu from the upper terraces and do not include entry to the actual ancient city. The good news is that one of the four new circuits #1 now includes the option to hike up to the IntiPunku, which has been closed to park visitors since the pandemic and was only available to hikers, I have to say I've hiked the Inca Trail to the Sungate a couple of times without the crowds and it was well worth the suffering! If you're up for hiking even the short 1-day Inca Trail, (8m/12k), it includes view of Machu Picchu, plus entry to lower circuits in the city. Visitors from inside the park can hike to the Sungate about 1.5 hours up and 45 minutes back down to return to the upper terraces. Another of the four circuits #1 includes a short easy 30 minute hike to view the Inca Bridge. (visitors do not get close enough to touch it let alone walk on it). This next bit is causing a controversy and I now see changes to the map for 2B.  I believe the overall "best," or longest of the new circuits are both of circuit #2 named "Classic Designed Route." and "Lower Terrace Route." These are the only 2  entry tickets that allows access to the upper and lower circuts of the ancient city and the Plaza of the Temples. Note that when the new circuits were originally released, the only difference between these 2 tickets is that 2B Lower Terrace Route does not include access to the classic view of Machu Picchu from the upper terrace. However, since the tickets have been updated on Joinnus, both maps for 2A and 2B appear to be exactly the same. With both including the classic view of Machu Picchu. (Our manager in Cusco is checking on this to make sure it's not a mistake)

What is the difference between upper terrace and upper circuit?

If you don't know, here's a link to our blog post where we explain it.

What is the policy for arriving late to enter Machu Picchu?

Don't be late for your date with "the wonder" unless you have a pretty good story! Like a mudslide (see my story about narrowly missing a direct hit by a mudslide on the way to Machu Picchu!) prevented you from getting to Aguas Calientes, or trains were suspended. What time is used to determine when the tardiness clock begins? Is it the end of the 1 hour entry window displayed on the website when you booked your tickets? Or the time printed on your ticket? Our manager says the clock starts ticking from the time printed on your ticket. Here's the official word: “The entry time to each circuit is the one stated on your entry ticket. There is a tolerance of thirty (30) minutes for entry to the Llaqta de Machupicchu in low season and forty-five (45) minutes in high season. After this period, the visitor cannot enter the Machupicchu llaqta, except for reasons of force majeure or duly proven fortuitous event,”

When is the high season at Machu Picchu?

High season at Machu Picchu is now defined as June 1 through October 15 and Dec 30 and 31. That doesn't mean it won't be crowded at other times of the year. By defining the dates for the high season, this will determine whether or not you have an extra 15 minutes tolerance for entering late. Aside from that, I don't see any other benefits or advantage for traveling in one season or the other, except for things like weather and certain hotels which may have reduced availability at certain times of the year. The cost of Machu Picchu entry tickets is the same year round.

Is it possible to see maps of the New Circuits at Machu Picchu?

YES. Here they are. Link to the old Machu Picchu website. CLICK HERE.

I found this statement which indicates that visitors who bought tickets for entry to Machu Picchu after June 1 can expect changes.

"According to the published regulations, those who have purchased tickets before this date will need to adjust their plans according to a conversion chart detailing the new itineraries. Previously purchased tickets remain valid for entry to the Inka city of Machupicchu, allowing visitors to tour it through the new circuits."

Is a new website being launched for buying entry tickets to Machu Picchu?

Yep. Go big or go home is what I say. Apparently, changing all the circuits with less than 2 weeks notice is not enough excitement. More changes are coming. Could this change to new circuits have anything to do with the "Final" New Website due to be launched soon? The latest report says that the new website will be launched in August.  I will be reporting back as soon as we can get access to information. Dear Pachamama, give me strength!

I'll keep you posted for sure. 

If you need help with your itinerary to Peru, Ecuador or Chile, you know where to reach us! You're already on our website and that's a good start!