In spite of the rough start in 2023, tourism in Peru is up a whopping 38.5% over the same 7 month period last year (Jan 1-July 30, 2022), Over the same period in 2023, North American travelers made up 24.5% while Europeans lagged behind at 14.5%. Asian tourists accounted for 3.2% and visitors from Central America made up 2.7%. Total number of just these visitors (excluding places like Africa and the Middle East) comes to 1,316,000 over the last 7 months. If you consider that Machu Picchu was closed for 3 weeks last February and the protests in January pretty much shut down the tourism industry for that month. That indicates that most of these visitors traveled from March through July.  That's about 263,000 per month. Which amounts to 8773 visitors per day. 

Tourists from South America account for the largest proportion of visitors to Machu Picchu at 54.3%.

These data are from the monthly tourism report through July 2023, prepared by the General Directorate of Research and Studies of Tourism and Crafts of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism. (Mincetur)

 For pre-pandemic comparison, here's a link to the stats I put together for the full year in 2018