My quest for the best water filter for travelers is over. Go Pure Pod portable water filter is the winner. To say it was love at first sight is an understatement. Let me explain.

I've been traveling to South America since 2006 and have tried multiple water filtering devices for travelers. Most of them worked "well enough," but there was always a trade-off. I could not get the cost, weight, size, shareability (is that even a word?), shelf life, and performance in the field to integrate with each other. Then I found "the pod."

I used this pod for 40 days in Peru in 2023 without buying a single plastic bottle. I brought my own wide mouth resusable container from home and took it everywhere. Hikes, restaurants, tours and car rides. I was able to share my water with others and use it to brush my teeth. I even took it on my flights. Since then I've used it on other trips and I'm still in love with the simplicity and the low cost. If you keep readying to the bottom, you'll see I'm pretty picky about the quality of the water I consume. 

Here's the deal: 

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  • The minimum order is a 2-pack. If you want extras for gift giving, there's a 3-pack, a family pack and yes! Even a pet pack!
  • The discount does not apply to subscriptions. 
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Here's why I'm in love with the Go Pure Pod:

  • cheap. cheap. cheap
  • easy to use and share. You can also use the water to brush your teeth or rinse your fruit and even share with your kids or fellow travelers.
  • one tiny pod is rated to purify 264 gallons / 999 liters. (do you know how many plastic water bottles you're not using? over 2000!)
  • doesn't require you to suck, squeeze, push, pull or "do" anything. It takes 2 minutes to purify most tap water. For traveling abroad it's recommended that you let the water sit for 12-24 hours (overnight)
  • it removes not only bacteria and viruses, but heavy metals and toxic pharma waste. In South America, mining is a thriving industry and toxins may contaminate high altitude rivers which all flow down.
  • while it's not recommended that you use with boiling water, the pod is compatible with electrolyte powders and things like lemon juice. 
  • the big bonus? It's the only portable water filter that I know of, that removes nearly all fluoride! Even most household filters don't do that without buying booster filters. Fluoridated water is prevalent in many municipal water systems in the US.

These figures show the quantitative removal of contaminants from water by PuriBloc advanced ceramic technology when tested in filtration device in a laboratory setting using a heavy load of the various chemicals/toxins listed. The Pod's core traps/eliminates bacteria down as low as 0.22 microns in particle size. A filtrate of 0.45 microns is considered bacteriologically sterile in a laboratory setting. Both PFOAs and microplastics are larger than 0.5 microns. Here's a link to the Go Pure website to view the water quality report for The Pod.. Scroll down about half way. Or you can see the report I copied it below. 

Chlorine 97.00%
Nitrate 97.00%
Nitrite 97.00%
Fluoride 97.00%

Arsenic (+3) 99.31%
Arsenic (+5) 99.31%
Chromium 99.31%
Copper 99.31%
Lead 99.31%
Manganese 99.31%
Mercury 99.31%
Zinc 99.31%
Aluminum 97.00%
Cadmium 99.31%
Iron 99.31%

trans-1, 2-Dichloroethene 92.40%
Benzene 92.40%

E.Coli 99.97%

(I asked the company if the pod treated all bacteria. Here is their reply, which makes perfect sense to me.)

Our technology is also effective with virus (giardia, legionnaire, etc.), which all react similar to bacteria as the ceramic core destroys their food source (microbes) so it’s impossible for bacteria/virus to survive in water with GOpure Pod.. When traveling out of the country we recommend refilling bottle and/or extra bottle before sleep so the Pod has enough time (12-24 hours) to destroy all bacteria/virus.

Municipal water is not what it used to be. Here's a handy tool to check your municipal water based on your US zip code. Open THIS LINK to EWG (Environmental Working Group - non-profit tapwater database) Then in the upper left corner click on MENU with 3 horizontal lines. A drop down box will open and at the bottom you see a place to type in your zip code. Your water quality score will pop up. Everyone's community is a little different but I realized that the charcoal filter I had in my frig was not meeting even my minimal standards. 

So what water filter did I buy for my home? And more importantly, am I happy with it?

I'll try not to make a long story even longer. (right Jacquie!) I landed on a counter-top drip filter system to meet my needs at home. Here's a link to see Terra2 at Greenfield Water Solutions, in case you're interested. I really like this company too. I've called them a few times. If you talk to Zach, tell him you heard about Greenfield Water Solutions from Jacquie Whitt. Hopefully he won't slam the phone down! hahaha. I've used it for 1.5 years and have not had to replace filters. I clean the tank once a month or so depending on how heavy our use is. We use the filtered water for all homemade beverages. So far I'm thrilled with the home filter system set up. 

If you take this pod on your next trip, let me know how it works for you! Need help with a trip? Just call me in Virginia 757-714-6649.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the water filtration standards of the Go Pure Pod. Please review the company stats to determine if this filter meets your needs. This information is provided as a convenience for people who are searching for information about water filters for travelers.