These are products and services that I have used myself and would give to my mother. who is pictured above at Machu Picchu (at age 78.) Each link will take you to a page on the Adios Adventure Travel website where you can read more, buy, or in the case of the travel insurance, get a free quote or a toll-free phone number to talk to an expert. When you buy these products and services, it's like giving us a hug, and you can't imagine how wonderful that makes us feel!

Go Pure Water Purification Pod - 15% discount code. Yes that's right. Everyone wins.

"Scrubba" Multi-use airtight untra-lightweight, roomy, tote bag

Xero Footwear for Active Travelers (5% of every purchase goes to support Tarahumara Hospital Children's Fund)

Squaremouth Travel Insurance - get a free quote or call the toll-free number to talk to a trained agent