Recently I saw people trying to sell their Machu Picchu tickets on social media platforms. Surely people must realize that the tickets have their names and passport information printed on them. This information is to help Machu Picchu ticket holders and those people looking to buy Machu Picchu tickets, to understand the basic rules for buying tickets. Unfortunately, there's no Stubhub for Machu Picchu tickets. So here's some Pachamama wisdom to shed some light.

These policies apply to all entry tickets to Machu Picchu including the Wayna Picchu hike. Here's what you need to know:

  • Anyone who has internet from anywhere in the world can access the official Machu Picchu website and reserve tickets. 
  • Every person who reserves a ticket must provide their name and document number as written on their passport if they are a non-resident foreigner. Peruvian residents and citizens of CAN use their DNI (ID)
  • If you don't have a passport (or DNI) you cannot reserve a ticket.  (expired passports can be used as long as you present the same original document at the entrance to Machu Picchu)
  • After reserved your Machu Picchu ticket, and then paying (which is a separate step), you receive an email with a link to a printable ticket that has your personal data on it. 
  • Machu Picchu tickets are non-transferrable and when you make your reservation the first email you get states this in the guidelines and asked you to acknowledge.
  • There are no cancellations or refunds of Machu Picchu tickets as written in the terms and conditions which you accept before you buy your ticket

This is why you cannot resell your tickets to Machu Picchu. Each ticket is customized with your personal information. When you enter the main gate to Machu Picchu they look at the name and passport number on the ticket, and the holder of that ticket better have a passport (or DNI) with a name and document number that matches the ticket. This is probably because they don't want people hoarding and scalping tickets to Machu Picchu. It appears you can buy as many tickets as you like with your passport, but you can't resell any of them. They're all yours baby! 

We haven't heard of scalpers trying to stockpile tickets for resale. It appears to me to be mostly individuals who, for some reason, bought tickets online and then decided not to travel. 

Should you buy a Machu Picchu Entry Ticket from a private person?

No. There is literally no way to transfer a Machu Picchu ticket. (there is one exception if the ticket recipient is in Cusco and is able to go to the office in person. But that scenario is not typical and there are hoops of fire to jump through. And just because you're willing to vault through red hot rings, it's not a guarantee that the transfer will be approved. So. There's that.)

What can you do with your Machu Picchu entry ticket if your plans change?

One of our groups who bought their own Machu Picchu tickets then changed their plans and bought other tickets, sent an email to Machu Picchu administration to ask for a refund for the first tickets, which were still valid. The Machu Picchu administration office sent this message, "There is no cancellation or refund. The system only allows the change of DATE and/or INFORMATION. But ONLY ONE TIME in the same route and with spaces available in 2022, at least 24 hours before the Machupicchu’s visit day." There you have it right from the llama's mouth.

One of the best ideas I saw is someone who framed their unused Machu Picchu tickets. They weren't ready to give up on their dream to go to Machu Picchu. This was their way of keeping that llama love alive!

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