Seasoned travelers know the importance of packing light. One of the most efficient uses of cherished luggage space is when 1 item has multiple uses. I realized that when I travel, I always take this bag and end up using it for much more than its intended purpose. The "Scrubba" is a waterproof bag designed for people who want to hand-wash a few things. (Do people do laundry on their vacation? Just asking!) I accidentally discovered a plethora of uses for the versatile Scrubba bag on one of my long haul trips to South America. I was in the jungle and the mountains and then probably hopped over to Bolivia or something. Who knows. But everytime I needed to solve a problem, this bag found its way into my hands. And my heart. I really do love it! hahaha.

I took this handy air-tight bag for hand-washing laundry and turned it into a multi-use tote-of-all-trades with more functions than a swiss-army knife. When it comes to carrying and protecting vulnerable belongings and fixing problems that pop up when traveling this ulta-light sack is my go-to. I list below how I use a few accessories laying around my house, that enhance the features. 


I use the Scrubba for:

  • dry bag for *camera gear and devices that are sensitive to humidity (I put delicate lenses in chalk bags and plop the whole thing in the scrubba bag)
  • *to protect valuables like passports and credit cards from rain while hiking, splashing in boats, and humidity
  • stuff sack for clothing which can be compressed by releasing air out of the valve
  • stuff sack for sleeping bag
  • dirty boot storage
  • liner in my backpack when shopping for fresh food to avoid using plastic bags
  • in a pinch, I could use this bag to carry drinking water for hikes or for washing
  • portable sink
  • portable shower
  • bucket

While in the field, I repurposed the Scrubba wash bag into something much more than "el saco para lavar la ropa.".  I mean who is going to put their laundry in a bag and wash it in their hotel room? OK. I did it. It was a fun activity. But honestly I have to admit, I'd rather toss my skanky laundry on the floor of the shower stall and stomp on it while taking a shower. It saves water, soap and time. I would rather use this bag for so many other purposes.

Accessories can be added to make a "kit" for gift-giving.
I use the following items with my Scrubba. I pack a dozen or so silica packets in a draw-string net sack which stays in the scrubba bag with delicate camera and electronic devices. My tour guide's phone stopped working one day in the jungle and I threw it in my "scrubba" bag with silica, and within an hour it was dry enough to function again. (if you've ever heard of people dropping their phones in sinks and toilets then putting them in a plastic baggie filled with rice, this is a similar concept)

Soap. When it comes to eco-friendly, Dr Bronner's liquid castille soap is the only one to get. This product is so versatile it can be used in the shower on your skin, your hair and for shaving. Not to mention as laundry soap. I admit I have brushed my teeth with it too. Not my first choice but sometimes a girl has got to wash her mouth out with soap! 

*Silica packets. To absort moisuture. You can buy them, but why would you do that when every vitamin bottle in the world has at least one silica packet in it? Heed my warning. Don't ever go to your kids school and ask the parents to save their packets from their vitamins for you. You will receive millions. OK. Maybe just thousands! But trust me. Mucho silica packets galore will be delivered to your door! 

The Scrubba bag features I like:

  • the original Scrubba has no handles other than the fold down closure which snap-locks. For long haul carrying, I put this bag in my backpack.
  • There is now a "Scrubba" backpack with straps and handles for easy grabbing and suspending if you want to make a shower.
  • a handy valve to let air out if you want to compress the content of the bag or use as a "shower head."
  • a clear window to view the contents
  • air-tight, light-weight fabric which collapes into almost nothing for carrying in your luggage
  • bright colors which makes it easy to see your items inside the bag

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