People planning to travel to Peru have called me to ask about information they've seen indicating that international passengers traveling to Peru must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Lima airport. Do you really need to quarantine upon arrival in Lima airport?

My Peruvian business partner Vidal and I, have been communicating with each of our groups about their experience on arrival in Lima. I finally found a reliable resource that explains how the quarantine policy works which I included a link to farther down. 

Here's a link to read more about traveling to Machu Picchu after covid.

I listed the most common questions below followed by information we have retrieved from our clients who have recently traveled to Peru. (March through September  2021) I'm providing this info to bring some clarity to bewildered travelers who are puzzled with what appears to be conflicting rules about the arrival procedures in Lima. 

Question: why does the Peru Health Declaration require foreigners to agree to 14 day quarantine?

Answer: The online Peru health declaration requires everyone to agree to quarantine upon arrival. However the online document makes no mention that the quarantine is suspended if you provide proof of double dose of vaccine, or neg covid test for your flight to Lima. Our groups have reported that the requirement for mandatory quarantine is suspended when you arrive in Lima and show your vaccination card or neg covid test (or other documents as permitted) But I could never find a written policy explaining how the suspension worked until now.  The airline websites list the protocols for vaccination cards, covid tests that are accepted, and the rules about when the tests must be conducted. Please review the covid information on the website of your airline and be aware that rules can change depending on how far in advance you are planning your trip. I finally found written confirmation about the suspension of quarantine when you arrive in Lima. I suggest you view the entire document (copy and paste) .  Look for a PDF document with covid arrival protocols for Peru. I copied some of the policy here:

The Peruvian Government has taken the following measures to fight COVID-19: (last updated November 3, 2021)

  • Travelers entering the country must complete an affidavit and must show a negative PCR test issued up to 72 hours before boarding the plane.
  • Before boarding the plane, all travelers 12 years of age or older must show a vaccination card with the required doses completed up to 14 days before the flight. Otherwise, those travelers must show a negative PCR test issued up to 72 hours before boarding.
  • Quarantine time is canceled for travelers entering the country with the exception of Peruvians and foreign residents from South Africa or who have made a stopover in said country, who must carry out a mandatory quarantine at their home, accommodation or other temporary isolation center for 14 days counting from the day of arrival in Peru.

If you're picky like me and a stickler for details, you probably noticed that in the first bullet point, there is no mention about the KIND of PCR test needed. Up to now, the regulations have been clear about the 72 hour window for the molecular PCR test, and 24 hour window for rapid antigen test. The second bullet point specifically mentions having TWO doses of covid vaccine. But what about the people who get the single jab with Johnson & Johnson? Here's what I suggest. Check with your international airline. These updates are new and we don't have reports from travelers. You could also visit the Peru Forum on Trip Advisor. Some of those guys love to ask the dumbest questions ever, but once in a while someone actually asks something useful. 

Question: does Lima airport have labs for getting covid tests? 

Answer: there are labs in Lima airport that can perform simple procedures. For passengers returning to the US it is required that everyone entering the US from abroad must show neg covid test. Here's a link to our post about covid tests in clinics and labs in Lima and Cusco. I provided links to contact the labs directly if you have specific questions. I think it's best to get covid tests in Cusco because the labs have walk-in service. We haven't had anyone use the labs in Lima airport because it's less convenient and seems riskier. Advance appointmentts are necessary. So I can't provide specifics.

In case someone somehow arrives in Lima without having a negative covid test, then it would be necessary for them to get a test done in the airport. We have not had anyone do this. But I suppose it's feasible.

Question: if we are fully immunized with the covid vaccine, are we still required to comply with the Peru quarantine and covid testing rules?

Answer:  Just last week, the Peru government announced that travelers vaccinated with 2 doses no longer need to provide negative covid tests upon arrival in Peru. However, it is the international airlines that are the gatekeepers of the procedures required to cross international borders. Just because Peru doesn't require vaccinations travelers to show neg covid tests, doesn't mean your airline won't still require it.. 

Disembarkation Information From Lima Airport Website 

In international flights to enter Peruvian territory the passengers must present the airline, in their country of origin:

    • Peruvians, resident foreigners and non-resident foreigners aged 12 years and over, whose final destination is the national territory, as passengers and regardless of the country of origin, must prove that they have completed the dose of vaccine against COVID-19, fourteen (14) days before boarding at your point of origin; failing that, they can present a negative molecular test with a result date of no more than 72 hours before embroidering at their point of origin. Children under twelve only need to be asymptomatic to board. Those people who show symptoms when entering the national territory enter mandatory isolation, according to the regulations on the matter.
    • The “Health Electronic Sworn Statement, and commitment to carry out the traveler’s isolation or quarantine”, which can be found in the National Superintendence of Migrations webpage. ( If you get an ERROR page, change browswers. It works in Google.)
    • Both previously mentioned documents must be kept as they can also be requested in Peruvian territory
    • Visit the link to the Lima Airport Website for full details

Tips for filling out the Peru Electronic Health Sworn Statement and Geolocation Form:

  • the country abbreviation for the United States is EEUU
  • the document number you need to use is abbreviated as PAS (passport)
  • if you get an ERROR page when you click open the link to the health form, try changing browsers. It works on Google. But does not work on Brave
  • The department, province and district are all "Cusco, Cusco, Cusco" if you're going to Machu Picchu. If not, you can ask the hotel or tour operator for this information regarding the destination you're visiting
  • the declaration may ask you to agree to 14-day quarantine. Since March, all our groups report that if you provide proof of 2 doses, or negative covid test upon arrival, then quarantine is suspended. Link to Official Peru Travel Website for clarification.
  • it will ask for your contact phone number. Some have reported that if you experience a problem try redistributing the numbers as follows: 1) country code: 2 digits (01 if you're US), 2) city code: 2 digits (use the first 2 numbers of your area code, 3) total of 8 digits using your personal 7 digit phone number beginning with the 3rd digit of your area code.
    EXAMPLE. If your US phone number is 840-987-6543 you would enter: country 01, city code 84, phone number 09876543. 
  • it's possible that some of the documents you carefully prepare in advance will not be viewed or examined. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. 
  • carry documents and your passport everywhere you go. Even while hiking.
  • Airline Apps like Verifly, that store and manage health documents for international travelers, may not be compatible with the Peru Health Statement. It may be necessary to go directly to the link provided by the Peru government and fill out the document. For your convenience here is a direct link to the Peru Affadavit of Health and Geolocation Authorization. CLICK HERE. (do not fill out prematurely as this document is valid for 72 hours.)

Other things to note about travel to Peru:

  • Peru is reassessing covid restrictions every 15 days
  • Everyone wears a face mask in public. And in some places they want you to wear double mask. Masks are worn on planes, buses and trains.
  • Face shields are no longer required for domestic flights. But it's wise to always have a face shield on you in case the policy changes. Everyone must wear a face shield (and mask) on trains and buses. Use face shields that are transparent.
  • Sad story about 2 people who didn't realize that passports need to be valid for at least 6 months from your arrival date in Peru. (I would not test the nerves of the immigration agents by showing up in Lima with a passport that is valid for 6 months and 1 day from your arrival. But that's just me) I got an email this week from a woman who asked me for travel info last July and then "ghosted" me after I provided it. Which is fine. That's how this business is. She apparently made all her own arrangements but negledted to realize that her fiance's passport was expiring 5 and 1/2 months after their scheduled arrival in Lima. Guess what? The Peruvian government sent them back to the US! Immediately! They were "bounced" back home like naughty children.. She actually emailed me to tell me the story and explain how they wanted to try again later this year, and could I offer some insight into traveling duirng November!  What would you do? I have to admit I felt a little redeemed. I might have repeated the phrase "neener, neener, neener. but only quietly under my breath.  "If only she had booked her trip with Adios, I would have checked the expiration date of her passports and prevented this entire story from happening." (What happened is actually another story. haha. I was debating how I felt about her request for free info and wrote up an email which was polite but clear that I didn't intend to be used as a patsy a second time. When all of a sudden, I got a notification from Google that someone had written a glorious 5 STAR review of Adios Adventure Travel and specifically mentioned how much I had helped her! It was my new friend! OK. I laughed and laughed at how clever she was. Wow. That was a brilliant move. I had to acquiese and I replied to her email with tons of info to help her rebook her next trip. This story had a happy ending. 

Disclaimer: I am providing this info in good faith but I am not responsible for changes to the information, or anything that affects your ability to prepare for travel or enter Peru. Rules can change and I strongly recommend that you review your international airline covid travel rules as well as the covid information on the US Embassy in Peru website. (here is a link)