People planning to travel to Peru have called me to ask about information they've seen indicating that international passengers traveling to Peru must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Lima airport. Do you really need to quarantine upon arrival in Lima airport?

My partner Vidal and I cooked up a plan to ask each of our groups about their experience on arrival in Lima.

Here's a link to our most visited blog post about things you need to know about traveling to Machu Picchu after covid.

I listed the most common questions here followed by information we have retrieved from our clients who have recently traveled to Peru. (March/April/May 2021) I'm providing this info to bring some clarity to bewildered travelers who are puzzled with what appears to be conflicting rules about the arrival procedures in Lima. 

Question: do we have to take another covid test in Lima airport if we already produced one to board the flight from the US? (or other country)

Answer: Our groups say no. No matter what airline you take from the US to Peru, they all seem to have the same policy about boarding your flight in the US with a neg covid test taken within 72 hours of departure, or other documentation proving you recovered from covid. (at this time) That part seems pretty solid and understandable. The airline websites list the kind of tests that are accepted and the rules about when the tests must be conducted. Please review the covid information on the website of your airline and be aware that rules can change depending on how far in advance you are planning your trip. 

Question: does Lima airport have labs? Are they open? Many flights arrive late evening. What are we supposed to do? 

Answer: there are labs in Lima airport that can perform simple procedures. But, in my opinion, I believe they are there for passengers returning to the US since it is required that everyone entering the US from abroad must show neg covid test. Here's a link to our post about covid tests in clinics and labs in Lima and Cusco. I provided links to contact the labs directly if you have specific questions. Everyone we spoke with has reported that they went straight to their hotel upon arrival in Lima. It's common for many travelers to continue the next day uninterrupted on domestic flights to Cusco or other destinations in Peru. You'll have to fill out health forms on these flights too.

In case someone somehow arrives in Lima without having a negative covid test, then it would be necessary for them to get a test done in the airport. We have not had anyone do this. But I suppose it's feasible.

Question: Is quarantine required for international passengers arriving in Lima?

Answer. Officially yes. The online health affadavit that every passneger must fill out, asks you to confirm that you agree to stay in 14 day quarantine upon arrive. But it's my understanding that if you provide documentation of neg covid test upon arrival in Lima, that the quarantine is suspended. 

Question: if we are fully immunized with the covid vaccine, are we still required to comply with the quarantine and covid testing rules?

Answer: At this time the answer is yes. There is no official benefit for having the covid vaccine, but it's always good to bring your vaccine card. It could come in handy. 

Disembarkation Information From Lima Airport Website 

In international flights to enter Peruvian territory the passengers must present the airline, in their country of origin:

    • Every passenger must have a negative RT-PCR test result in Real-time. The RT-PCR test, antigen test or the medical certificate of epidemiological discharge cannot be more than 72 hours old. Attach lab result (PDF format or image). Regarding children (under 12 years old), it is only required that they have a medical certificate of good health.
    • The “Health Electronic Sworn Statement, and commitment to carry out the traveler’s isolation or quarantine”, which can be found in the National Superintendence of Migrations webpage. (
    • Both previously mentioned documents must be kept as they can also be requested in Peruvian territory

Tips for filling out the Peru Electronic Health Sworn Statement and Geolocation Form:

  • the country abbreviation for the United States is EEUU
  • the document you need to use is abbreviated as PAS (passport)
  • if you get an ERROR page when you click open the link to the health form, try changing browsers. It works on Google. But does not work on Brave
  • the declaration may ask you to agree to 14-day quarantine. This is kind of scary. The way we understand it is, if you provide proof of negative covid test upon arrival, then quarantine is suspended.
  • it's possible that some of the documents you carefully prepare in advance will not be viewed or examined. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. 
  • carry documents and your passport everywhere you go. Even while hiking.

Other things to note about travel to Peru:

  • Peru is reassessing covid restrictions every 15 days
  • Sundays are subject to "immobilization" restrictions and Machu Picchu and train service could be closed on Sundays. I recommend that you avoid planning entry to Machu Picchu or train service on a Sunday.
  • Tour operators can obtain permits to take travelers to the airports on Sundays if we have advance notice. It appears that flights are not interrupted by the restrictions for immobilization on Sundays.

Disclaimer: I am providing this info in good faith but I am not responsible for changes to the information, or anything that affects your ability to prepare for travel or enter Peru. Rules can change and I strongly recommend that you review your international airline covid travel rules as well as the covid information on the US Embassy in Peru website. (here is a link)