Here's a link to read more about traveling to Machu Picchu after covid.

Ding dong the witch is dead! As of November 1, 2022 the state of emergency in Peru has ended and all covid restrictions are eliminated including the darn health declaration form. Now before you run off to celebrate, take a moment to review your airline policy. Remember they are the boss. Not me. I validated the info on Latam airlines covid information travel tool and website. It's up to you to reconfirm this splendid news!

  • Delta Airlines Interactive Map for details on potential entry requirements for any country. (this is a great tool that anyone can use. You don't need an account) This mapping tool is also available on Latam airlines so you can search for rules for national flights in Peru. 
  • Official Peru Travel Website  This has the most comprehensive info about protocols for international arrivals and Peru domestic flights as well as provincial buses. Was last updated September 28, 2022. 

  • An interactive map showing entry requirements for any country in the world. However, I don't see mention of boarding requirements for in-country domestic flights

  • Latam.Airlines Website. This is the best search tool for finding out protocols for in-country domestic flights as well as international flights to latin countries. As of November 1, they're saying that no health-related documents are needed for travel. 

What is considered fully vaccinated for international travelers?

This no longer matters as all vaccine requirements have been dropped. 

If you need a covid test for something, can you still get it in Lima?

Here's a link to our post about covid tests in clinics and labs in Lima and Cusco. I provided links to contact the labs directly if you have specific questions. We haven't had anyone use the labs in Lima airport because it's less convenient and there's no assistance. In Cusco we can assist our groups and now our manager Vidal has established relationships with labs. Advance appointmentts are necessary in Lima.

Tips for filling out the Peru Electronic Health Sworn Statement and Geolocation Form: (I'm going to leave this up for a while so we can appreciate the new state of no emergency)

  • the country abbreviation for the United States is EEUU
  • the document number you need to use is abbreviated as PAS (passport)
  • if you get an ERROR page when you click open the link to the health form, try changing browsers. It works on Google. But does not work on Brave
  • The department, province and district are all "Cusco, Cusco, Cusco" if you're going to Machu Picchu. If not, you can ask the hotel or tour operator for this information regarding the destination you're visiting
  • the declaration may ask you to agree to 14-day quarantine. Since March, all our groups report that if you provide proof of 2 doses, or negative covid test upon arrival, then quarantine is suspended. Link to Official Peru Travel Website for clarification.
  • it will ask for your contact phone number. Some have reported that if you experience a problem try redistributing the numbers as follows: 1) country code: 2 digits (01 if you're US), 2) city code: 2 digits (use the first 2 numbers of your area code, 3) total of 8 digits using your personal 7 digit phone number beginning with the 3rd digit of your area code.
    EXAMPLE. If your US phone number is 840-987-6543 you would enter: country 01, city code 84, phone number 09876543. 
  • it's possible that some of the documents you carefully prepare in advance will not be viewed or examined. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. 
  • carry documents and your passport everywhere you go. Even while hiking.
  • Airline Apps like Verifly, that store and manage health documents for international travelers, may not be compatible with the Peru Health Statement. It may be necessary to go directly to the link provided by the Peru government and fill out the document. For your convenience here is a direct link to the Peru Affadavit of Health and Geolocation Authorization. CLICK HERE. (do not fill out prematurely as this document is valid for 72 hours.)

Other things to note about travel to Peru:

  • Changes to Machu Picchu entry tickets. Do all circuits provide access to the spot for getting the classic image of Machu Picchu? No.
  • Masks are no longer required in public and only need to be worn in hospitals and public transportation.  Masking is slowly going away. Just ask your tour guide or do what everyone else is doing.
  • Do all visitors need a tour guide to enter Machu Picchu? Not. But if you do want to hire a tour guide, here's what you need to know.
  • Make sure your passport expiration date meets the validity requirements. I have heard stories of people arriving in Lima with a passport expiring in 5.5 months and they were sent home the next day.

Disclaimer: I am providing this info in good faith but I am not responsible for changes to the information, or anything that affects your ability to prepare for travel or enter Peru. Rules can change and I strongly recommend that you review your international airline covid travel rules as well as the covid information on the US Embassy in Peru website. (here is a link)