With new travel protocols for US-Bound travlers poised to take effect at the end of January 2021, motivated travelers going to Machu Picchu in Peru will find this info useful. The Peruano Suiza Clinic in Cusco offers PCR and Rapid Antigen tests for travelers returning to the US or other countries. I include links to Unilab in Lima as well. 

Beginning January 26, 2021, the CDC will require all international travelers to test negative for covid before entering the US. Or they can provide proof that they recovered from Covid-19. I copied the exact content of the new policy from the CDC website below: (here's a link to the CDC website)

"All air passengers coming to the United States, including U.S. citizens, are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board a flight to the United States."

Travelers departing Cusco, Peru usually fly first to the Lima airport for a few hours before making their international connections. There is rapid testing in Lima airport but we have heard reports that not all airlines are accepting the rapid test and there are a limited number of appointments available each day which must be reserved online. 

Can you travel to the US without a covid test if you have received the covid vaccination?

The word is that you still need to provide negative covid test to board your US-bound flight. Your airline should be able to provide exact details about how the rules affect people who have had the vaccine as well as people who have recovered from covid. 

Where can you get covid test in Cusco? We have it right here:

Clínica Peruano Suiza
Grupo Peruano Suiza
Av. Perú K-3 - Urb. Quispicanchis
Cusco - Perú
Telefonos: +51.84.242 114 | +51.84.237 009 | +51.84.237 168

The way it works in Cusco city center.

You go to the Peruano Suiza clinic in person according to the guidelines provided by your international airline for boarding your international connecting flight (usually from Lima, Peru). It's best if you can call in advance and set up an appointment. While the clinic is open 24 hours a day every day, keep in mind that the laboratory may not be open all the time. (usually 72 hours is the window for getting the test before boarding your flight)

Covid Tests. They offer PCR and Rapid antigen test. The PCR test requires 24 hours to obtain results. The medical staff will take a swab and have the results ready by the next day, (although one of our clients who used the service reported that the covid test certificate was issued later on the same day the test was conducted.) The antigen test results can be ready in less than 2 hours.

You should get an electronic report and you can go in person to pick up a hard copy. Payment can be made with a credit card. Visa credit cards are most widely accepted in Peru. 

Another group of clinics in Cusco: 

Pardo Clinics
Choose from several locations on their contact page

Phone:(+51 84) 231718
E-mail: informes@clinicapardo.com.pe

The way it works.

Pardo clinics have walk-in service. But our guide in Cusco recommends that you call in advance just to confirm how long it might take. 

Assistance to and from the clinics in Cusco.

We can help you make calls and arrange transportation from any hotel in the city center and one of our English-speaking Adios guides can accompany you to the clinic for the test and then the guide can return the next day to pick up the results if you're out on a tour or unable to go back yourself. The cost for the covid test is around $150 USD for PCR and $50 for Rapid Antigen (subject to change) and does not include transportation or guide services.

Can you get covid test in Lima airport?

Unilab Services at Lima Airport state 5am - 17:00pm every day.. Services in the city offer both PCR and antigen.

Unilab Clinic Locations and Appointments
Choose from serveral locations

Phone 222-0550
Email: cotizaciones.peru@unilabs.com


I'm providing this information as a courtesy. Please double check everything before you make any decisions about traveling. Things are changing faster than a falling star in the night sky.