Beginning October 5, Peru announced a partial border opening from 7 nearby countries including Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. On October 23 it was announced that international flights from 10 other countries less than 8 hours flight duration, including US and Canada will begin in November. Check the website of your preferred airline for details about flights.

To restart their economy and learn how to organize and manage the movement of travelers in a safe manner, the official Machu Picchu website, which has been up since July, offered limited entry tickets from Nov 1-14 to locals and foreign residents. All tickets sold out in 3 days. On November 9, Machu Picchu general entry tickets were made available to reserve online through the end of December 2020. For 2021, it is customary to begin offering Machu Picchu entry tickets in late December /early January for that year. So don't expect to see or buy Machu Picchu entry tickets for 2021 until January. For people who book trips with us to Machu Picchu in 2021, we include entry tickets, train tickets and bus tickets. It was announced recently that the cost of Machu Picchu entry tickets for foreigners will be the same in 2021. (This does not include foreigners from CAN, nearby latin countries, who quality for promotional discount.)

On December 15, flights from Europe that are more than 8 hours duration to Peru, resumed from Spain, France and Netherlands. However flights from the UK have not resumed. Then in January, it was announced that all flights from Europe to Peru (more than 8 hours in duration) are suspended until January 31, 2021. 

What is the arrival procedure for foreigners entering Peru after covid-19? 

The first full details of protocols for international travelers to Peru features instructions to be followed by airlines, operators and passengers who plan to arrive and leave the country by plane. As flights to Peru resume from more countries around the world, it is wise to double check arrival protocols with your airline or check with your tour operator.

One week prior to my trip scheduled on December 26, I got an email from American Airlines with updated instructions and links to pre-departure information which includes getting a covid test and filling out a health affidavit within 72 hours of arrival in Lima.  The next day I got another email from the local Sky Airlines in Peru with instructions and links to other documents I need to fill out. One week before my trip, I filled out the following forms. I printed several copies of each as backup and in case I need them for the return flights home.

  • Public Health Passenger Locator Form - This shows where I'm staying in case they need to reach me (In English)
  • Traveler's Health Affidavit - This shows my ID, arriving flight info, my contact info and where I'm staying (Spanish / English)
  • General Affadavit for Passenger Air transport - From local Peruvian airline, my ID and contact info and answers to questions about symptoms I may be experiencing (Spanish)
  • The local airline also has a form for people age 65 and over who declare they will follow the quarantine guidelines. And a form for parents traveling with children.
  • Within 72 hours of arriving - Covid test must be negative
  • Within 72 hours of arriving - Health Delcaration Form online to get a QR code to permit me to enter. (print hard copy)

For passengers, the most important directive is the permanent use of a mask. Facial protection will also be used inside the plane. Quarantine will not be necessary if the passenger does not present symptoms of coronavirus and arrives with a negative PCR test within 72 hours of having it. Here the total guidelines:

  • Prior to travel, you should expect to get an email notification from your airline explaining the documents needed prior to departure
  • Mandatory use of a mask at the airport. On the plane, you must wear a mask and face shield.
  • The mask can only be removed when eating food or drinks. In addition, passengers may be required to remove the mask for a short time to compare their face with the photo of the travel document, such as the passport.
  • The passenger who travels must show a negative result of a molecular test carried out within 72 hours before departure. The same requirement applies for passengers arriving in Peru.
  • Travelers, crew members and airport personnel in general are urged to detect a person with symptoms compatible with COVID-19, Passengers with symptoms will not be able to make the trip. This requirement is indistinct for all passengers.
  • Travelers must fill out the "Electronic Health Affidavit, and the travelers must commit to isolate or quarantine" in the 72 hours prior to the flight.
  • Failure to use a mask or the instructions given by the airlines, the airport or others, may lead to the cancellation of the boarding or cause to reject the passenger's boarding to the Peruvian state.
  • Passengers who do not show symptoms upon arrival in Peru will not need to comply with the quarantine. But they maintain the commitment to communicate to the health authority of their jurisdiction if they present symptoms within 14 days of their arrival in the country.
  • If the passenger has symptoms, they must complete 14 days of mandatory isolation at the home or accommodation of their choice.
  • The air operator must make announcements about preventive measures that passengers must maintain during the flight, upon arrival, and in the destination country.
  • The person who provides false information in the affidavit will be subject to the corresponding administrative, civil and criminal sanctions.
  • Departing from Peru, and before boarding the plane, passengers on connecting flights must always wear a mask and possibly a face shield. Check with your airline.
  • Passengers passing through Peru on connecting flights must present a negative molecular test only if the destination country requires it. It is not required to fill out an affidavit.

Can US-Bound Travelers get a covid test after visiting Machu Picchu?

Yes. We have full details of how to get a covid test in Cusco prior to flying to the US. Most flights will go through Lima, Peru. We are not aware of any testing in Lima airport. Get your test in Cusco using the guidelines provided by your international airline. Follow this link for full details about the clinic and how it works.

Can anyone buy Machu Picchu tickets for entry in 2021?

Yes, the official Machu Picchu website has made all tickets in 2021 available online. There are 1116 tickets per day available for foreigners, and 1116 per day available for CAN latin citizens of South America. There are 124 spaces per hour for each category. (total of 248 per hour)

Can we hike the Inca Trail in 2020?

Yes. Now that entry tickets to Machu Picchu are available through the end of December, 2021, we can also get permits for the 1-day Inca Trail hike. (closed every February) The 4-day Inca Trail has not reopened yet. It's too early to predict how the permits for 2021 will be handled. Tickets for Huayna Picchu hikes are not yet available on the official Machu Picchu website. Give us a call or keep checking back. Machu Picchu reopened in November at limited 30% capacity but as of December, capacity has increased to 40%.

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