I'm not kidding. Even the top travel agencies in the world are not exempt from this struggle. That struggle is the uncertainty of the future of the tourism industry. Not only has recreational and leisure travel ceased operating in every corner of the earth, there's no way to speculate or predict when the movement of people from one location to another can safely resume. 

This is the first thing that travel companies should do to survive covid-19

The most critical thing for any business entity is to literally shut down all non-essential spending. If you have no income, how can you expect to buy anything? Capital and liquid assets should be reserved to support the staff who are trying to cover living expenses while they're unemployed for an unknown amount of time.

                        "Have you ever heard of those mystery vacations? Where a group of friends  
                          would buy you a ticket somewhere and you find out where you're going           
                          when you show up at the airport? Well the travel business is kind of like that now."  

Secondly, tour operators and travel agents should attend to the needs of groups who are graciously rescheduling trips that were planned in 2020. These groups are showing their support for companies they chose to work with, and the very least we can do is to be responsive and as accommodating as possible. 

Here's what travel companies should be doing to restore operations after covid-19.

No one in the travel industry can make any guarantees regarding opening dates for international borders, flight availability, passport renewals, hotels and many other services that would typically be included in an international trip of any kind. Have you ever heard of those mystery vacations? Where a group of friends buy you a ticket somewhere and you find out where you're going when you show up at the airport? Well the travel business is kind of like that now. You can reserve and book trips. But you have to be more flexible than an olympic gymnast! More open-minded and adventurous than a toddler. And kind. Very kind. Like your favorite dog. Operators and travel agents know you're putting your trust in them. And we understand that it's scarey to accept that some aspects of your trip will need to be in a loosey-goosey state. But honestly, tour operators and travel agents are like your Mom. We want only the best for you and you need to trust us now more than ever.

This is how I have always planned my own trips. I kind of have an outline and then I just show up and hope everything works out. It always does. And I'm never disappointed. Not only that, I'm usually blown away. It's because I have faith in the local teams I work with. The more control I'm willing to hand over, the greater the reward. Sometimes, it doesn't turn out like the trip I had in my mind. It's much better!

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Are once thriving travel businesses starting over after covid-19?

Many travel businesses cannot survive the absence of all income for months, not just weeks. Certainly there will be business owners who were thinking of making a change anyway and this is the perfect timing to step out of their roll in the travel business. But sadly, many will not be able to survive the fiscal squeeze. Restarting our travel business after covid-19 is giving me flashbacks to the early days when we were always figuring things out. Although we're not currently building or launching a new travel website, we are making changes and updates to all travel itineraries, protocols and policies. It's just as mind-boggling as starting over. But  we're grateful that we're still in the game!

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