Whether you call them lucky or plucky, the first visitors to Machu Picchu post pandemic, are likely to enjoy their experience more than usual. New rules for visitors when Machu Picchu finally reopens will offer optimum conditions for exploring the ancient Inca citadel without the hustle and bustle of crowds as seen in recent years.

Date of Reopening at Machu Picchu

Our guides in Cusco first reported that Machu Picchu reopening would be in July 2020, when rangers and agents were asked to report for duty at the ancient citadel. July 24 was the target date to reopen but the border has not reopened. The state of emergency in Peru was extended until September 30, 2020. Adios Adventure Travel has rescheduled all our groups from 2020 for later travel dates. Although most tour operators, including us, are focusing on trips in 2021, with the international flights from countries adjoining Peru resuming on October 5, it's likely Machu Picchu will be open soon. Flights from other countries will return slowly.

The Peru government typically releases Inca Trail permits for the next year's hiking season in October. We'll let you know if they do. And Machu Picchu entry tickets for the next travel season are usually made available on the official website each year in January. That's when they usually release new rules, changes and other announcements. Because of covid-19, they already issued new rules and protocols for all visitors going to Machu Picchu, which I've listed below. Although the Machu Picchu government website is active, entry tickets are not for sale yet and availability cannot be viewed.

On Sept 25, it was announced that internatlonal flights to Peru from adjoining countries will resume on October 5, 2020. This is great news!
Check back. I always update our blog and Facebook page when there's new info.

Social Distancing Rules at Machu Picchu

  • maximum of 75 visitors admitted per hour
  • up to 7 people per group (with or without a private guide)
  • spacing is 20 meters between groups
  • trains at 50% capacity
  • buses at 50% capacity
  • guided tours may be limited to 1 hour/20 minutes

How to Buy Entry Tickets to Machu Picchu After Covid-19

  • Machu Picchu website is up and running. But tickets are not available to buy directly by travelers or tour operators.
  • Pre-order with a tour operator who will buy as soon as tickets are available (valid passport needed)
  • Pre-Book a package trip with hotels, tours and all ground transportation including train and entry tickets 

What do you need to know about trip cancellation? 

We can't speak for other tour operators but Adios Adventure Travel is offering the option for free cancellation and 100% refund guaranteed for groups booking trips in 2021.
Follow this link to see full details. Or contact our US office.

It is strongly recommended that travelers purchase (CFAR) "cancel for any reason" travel insurance. Policies vary. It's wise to read the terms. 

How to Get to Peru

Avianca and Latam Airlines both filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection in May 2020. What does that mean for travelers trying to get to Cusco? Most international flights must go through Lima, Peru. But it's not as bad as it looks. Each airline has a different story and here's a link to more details.

Check back from time to time as I update information. We're expecting the Peru President to announce more details about arrival protocols soon!