In 2020 Peruvian authorities allowed visitors to get refunds or change their Machu Picchu entry tickets purchased for entry in 2020. And tour operators could change Inca Trail permits purchased in 2020. But what about refunds and ticket or permit changes in case of strikes or other events out of anyone's control? I've included a link to the new Machu Picchu website and other tips to help you navigate your way through the process of canceling or changing your trip to Peru. This was a one-time offer only valid for tickets and permits for entry in 2020. 

The refund policy has expired and no longer applies. It's practically impossible to get a refund for Machu Picchu tickets. If you feel like you have a situation that may quality for a refund and you want to at least give it a try, here's a link to view the contact information for the official Machu Picchu website.

Info for travelers going to Machu Picchu after Covid: Follow this link to get details about tickets and new rules 

Does Machu Picchu Offer Refunds on Entry Tickets?

No. Everyone was caught off guard when the pandemic hit in 2020. Machu Picchu allowed travelers and tour operators to get a one-time refund for tickets because that was their policy at the time. After reopening after the pandemic, they changed their policy and they do not give refunds for any reason. However, on the website there is an outdated link to "refunds" that are dated March 16-April 26, 2020. Since then, they advise people to buy travel insurance to cover all their ground expenses including those tickets. 

If you bought your Machu Picchu entry tickets from a ticket agent, you can always ask them if they will give you a refund. But since agents and tour operators cannot get a refund, I doubt very much they will refund your ticket, as the funds would come out of their pockets. We have tried to get refunds. But the authorities are rigid.

Can the dates on Machu Picchu entry tickets be changed?

Technically no. But I have heard of cases where someone made a mistake and asked for a date change. For instance, they bought the train tickets and Machu Picchu tickets on different days. In this case, the person had the train tickets as evidence and because there was availability, the Machu Picchu officials granted them permission to change the entry date of their tickets. 

Can the names on Machu Picchu entry tickets be transferred to another person?

No. But technically, I have heard there is a process to transfer your tickets to someone else if they are in Cusco and can go to the office in person. Link to view contact info for official Machu Picchu website.

Machu Picchu launched a new website in July 2020. Here's the link to the new Machu Picchu website refund instructions for buying and printing your own tickets.

Can you get a refund for your bus tickets?

For anyone who purchased bus tickets directly from Consettur bus company, for service between Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu, their website indicates that you can ask for a change of date or get a refund. Follow link to Consettur website here.

What about refunds for Latam Airlines flights?

Many passengers have reported that they were able to get refunds or reschedule their flights for later dates. In case you haven't heard, in May 2020,  Latam Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. But this should not affect customers, although it is reasonable to expect fewer flights. The circumstances around the Latam bankruptcy are very different from Avianca Airlines bankruptcy. I've provided links to both pages where I described each situation.

Did Avianca Airlines file for bankruptcy? 

Yes, they filed for Chapter 11 in April 2020, and are making changes to the structure of the company. Here's a link to more details about the cutbacks in Peru.

Keep in mind that a pandemic event of this proportion has never happened before, and everyone, including small and large companies, are figuring things out as they go. It's possible that refund and reimbursement policies could change. It's worth to keep checking back and asking.

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