Is it possible to book a trip to Machu Picchu for travel later in 2020 or 2021? Yes. now is a good time to support small travel companies and stoke your dreams. Adios Adventure Travel is offering free cancellation on trips to Peru of 5 days or more. With Machu Picchu being abandoned for most of the year, this is a good opportunity for travelers who want to see the Inca ruins in the closest it's been to a natural state since the early days of the last century. 

What does "Free Cancellation" mean? And are there exclusions?
In most circumstances, Adios Adventure Travel will waive the deposit and delay the final balance to give you as much leeway as possible to cancel your trip without any risk.
What you need to know:

  • reserve a trip to Peru for 2 or more and pay nothing up to 16 days prior to arrival
  • covers the ground expenses for all accommodations, activities, transportation and tickets organized directly by Adios Adventure Travel.
  • may not apply to Inca Trail permits, Amazon jungle lodges, and luxury hotels or flights 
  • does not apply to anything you book yourself including hotels, additional services or activities
  • we must receive and acknowledge written cancellation notice no later than 3PM on the 16 day prior to your arrival in Peru. (Based on Eastern time zone in the US)
  • pay final balance 16 days prior to arrival to secure your reservations
  • cancellations made 15 days or less from arrival are 100% non-refundable and may not be eligible for rescheduling without additional cost
  • we're taking reservations now for Inca Trail hikes in 2022. Permits are not available yet and it's not necessary to pay anything. We will contact you when they do become available and you can decide if you want to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your permit or cancel. You can also take your chances and wait to buy permits at a later date. We cannot guarantee availability.

Exclusions of Free Cancellation Policy:

  • in case Machu Picchu entry tickets, trains or other permits are at risk of selling out, we may ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit to cover the cost
  • we may need to switch hotels last minute if needed.
  • the schedule of activities and reservations are flexible to allow us the freedom to make last minute changes if needed. 
  • permits for 4 and 5 day Inca Trail hikes need to be purchased at the time you make your booking if you're traveling in 2021

By collaborating with our established service providers we are pleased to offer our travelers the flexibility of risk-free cancellation to help you protect your travel investment. For Inca Trail permits, our strategy is to wait to buy your permit until no earlier than 15 days before you arrive. Another factor that may affect refunds is whether or not you choose to reschedule your trip to a later date, or if you want to cancel completely. Here is a link to our cancellation policy.

Can we book our trip to Peru on layaway?
Yes. We have helped many travelers achieve their dream of traveling to South America by helping them plan an itinerary and a budget that works. We will adjust the rules for risk-free cancellation based on your payment schedule. Follow this think to read more about layaway.

Should we buy travel insurance?
Yes. 2021 is the year to buy travel insurance if you are spending money now. The best policy is CFAR (cancel for any reason). But even CFAR may not cover 100% of your investment. You need travel insurance to cover your flights and all your ground expenses once you are less than 15 days from your scheduled travel date. Beware of travel insurance policies with limited coverage. Will your policy cover cancellation during a pandemic? Does your policy cover additional unplanned expenses if your trip is interrupted? Most travel insurance companies have window that allows you to review the policy and back out of the contract without penalty fees. For your convenience here is a link to SQUAREMOUTH Travel Insurance for a free quote. Adios Adventure Travel and it's partners are not responsible for the terms of any travel insurance policy.

By adapting to current trends, we intend to create win-win solutions for travelers who are ready to plan their trips to South America. I'm in constant contact with our teams on the ground in South America. I post updates weekly or as it becomes available on our blog and social media pages. You'll find links to our social media on the bottom of every website page. Vidal in Cusco has made a couple of videos with me to explain what the first travelers to Peru can expect. Check out Adios Youtube Channel.

Got questions? Just ask.

Here's a link to the new rules for visitors at Machu Picchu

To take advantage of this offer, please ask for "Free Cancellation."
Contact Heather or Jacquie in our US office:

Contact by email / US phone: 757-714-6649