It's not only cheaper to travel with a buddy, it can be safer too. You're not alone. There are thousands of buddies out there searching for people like you. How can travel companions find each other? And now we have the extra complex issue of how to travel after covid-19. Should you travel with a group of strangers?  Follow this link to get our updated info about how to travel safely in small groups after the pandemic.

Decide what countries you want to visit and the destinations you want to explore. This will narrow the potential pool of chums to those with similar interests. If you want to visit Peru and Bolivia or Ecuador, it may be more difficult to find companions. Break up your trip into segments by country or by destination. Almost everyone who goes to Peru will go to Machu Picchu, which is the most expensive part, and having a companion for this portion will bring the most value to you. One idea is to invite friends to join your trip for a week or two then continue on your own.

Should you travel solo or with friends?

There's pros and cons for each option and only you can determine what works for you. A few of the best strategies to remove the opportunity for disagreements among members traveling together in a group, is to have an itinerary planned in advance, choose your own friends and limit the size of the group. Here's a link to more information about the benefits of becoming a leader of a small group of travelers.

Try these resources to find your travel buddy:

Your personal social media pages. You control the information posted and who sees it. 

"I need a travel buddy" private group. 

Adventure and Travel Mates private group.

Free networking site

Free social platform with a website and a phone app with over 1 million registered users

Free women-only website based app for finding a female travel buddy.

Free travel website forums where you can search topics and post your questions 

Travel website that charges a small fee to cover the cost of Trip Leader. If you publish your trip and become the trip leader, your travel buddies will pay you.

Most web-based sites will ask you to set up an account in order to join the community.

Tips for searching for buddies and companions on open forums and websites

  • don't reveal your home address or private information until you are 100% satisfied that the travel buddie(s) you found are legitimate. Even then there's no reason to provide your address unless you're in the same town and want to share a ride to the airport.
  • don't send any money or payments to a travel buddy
  • if you're looking for companions to join your trip, be prepared to put them in touch with your tour operator, or send them the full itinerary, cost and all flight details.
  • it's important to reveal age, fitness requirements and special interests. Be open to their interests as well. Think of this as a dating app for travelers.
  • each person in the group should be allowed to pay their individual trip cost directly to the tour operator
  • expect to pay slightly more for single hotel room occupancy
  • you can choose to open segments of your trip to buddies, like organized hikes or tours, and travel solo the rest of the time

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