Why are grandparents so keen to travel with their grandchildren? With families now separated by distance and living anywhere you can imagine, taking a trip with grandparents is one way for kids to spend quality time with the older generation. Grandma and Grandpa are more likely than parents to be in a position to foot the bill for educational and experiential travel. While parents take care of the day to day needs, grandparents have the liberty to travel for the right reasons. To generate lasting memories and life-changing experiences with their grandkids. And if you ask the kids? There's something magical about traveling with your grandparents. Whether it's because they share a common enemy or because grandparents will patiently answer questions like, "why do dogs chase cats?" Everyone knows that grandparents make the best babysitters! Come on down and explore Peru with your grandchild.

Here's what to look for:

  • trips with flexible itineraries to meet the needs and interests of curious children and active seniors
  • trips that avoid high-risk activities like rafting, zip-lining, ATV and dune buggy rides.
  • tour operators with offices in the US and experts available by phone to answer all your questions
  • experts who can help you plan and choose the best activities for you and your grandchildren
  • trips with an assortment of hotel classes to choose from
  • companies that provide preparation information
  • English-speaking guides
  • Private and small groups

These trips in Peru are perfect for grandparents with teens or college-age students:

Check out these trips to Peru for granparents and younger kids:

Things to know:

  • ask parents to write and sign a letter outlining your travel dates and destinations, along with the name of each child. Letter should be notorized.
  • avoid high-risk activities like rafting, zip-lining and ATV or dune buggy riding in foreign countries as they may not meet safety standards
  • the only document needed for travel in South America is a valid passport. The passport you provide us is the same document you must present to board flights, trains and for entry to places like Machu Picchu.
  • Adios Adventure Travel can customize your trip with special activities including Peruvian cooking classes, visit to animal sanctuary, photography tours, lunch in a Qechua village and other special-interest tours.
  • If parents are jealous and want to come along? Bring them! We got that covered too.

Call Adios Adventure Travel US office at 757-304-8002 and speak to real people. Jacquie and Heather are travel experts and can help you arrange the best trip ever.