Will Machu Picchu fit under your Christmas Tree? Absolutely! Are you looking for a memorable gift for someone special? Giving the gift of travel is a trend that is becoming more popular, especially during the holidays. Perhaps it's due to the realization that we have accumulated mountains of stuff much of which is not only forgotten but is now part of the useless daily clutter of our modern world.

Giving travel experiences is a thoughtful way to express your appreciation to someone or help a young traveler experience a life-changing dream trip. The importance of travel cannot be overrated and we're here to help you set up the best trip possible for those fortunate, special people in your life.

How to set up a trip:

  • decide who's going. Are you gifting the trip to your family? Will you be traveling with them?
  • do you want to set up a travel fund for a specific amount or pay the full amount for a certain trip?
  • establish your budget and the cost you can pay per person, which will usually determine the number of days for the trip, depending on your destination.
  • select the destination and the kind of trip you want. For (free) consulation, call our experts in Virginia. 757-304-8002 (for inspiration, visit our trips page)
  • tell us how many rooms and beds you need
  • call our US office to pay deposit or ask us to set up layaway payments
  • provide the recipient address if you want us to mail a package with a small backpack and gift card to present the trip. (continental US only)

What you need to know:

  • US citizens only need a valid passport for travel to South America. We need to know at time of booking if anyone is planning to renew their passport
  • we can scale activities to meet the needs of group members with various levels of fitness
  • we don't book flights (except in Ecuador and Chile). We will help you choose the best options when you're ready
  • we provide information to help you prepare for travel 
  • travel gifts can be booked year round. They're not just for holidays. Consider anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and other milestones.
  • You can select any combination of destinations you like: Machu Picchu, Galapagos Islands, Amazon Jungle, Lake Titicaca are examples

Heather and I are experienced travelers and we have established a reliable network of resources in South America, including our Adios Adventure Travel co-founder, Vidal Jaquehua. We can answer your questions. Call us! This is what we do.
US office phone 757-304-8002 or email.