The following changes in the Galapagos Islands will affect costs for independent travelers and possibly the cost for packaged trips in 2020 and after:

  • Charles Darwin Research Center has always been free. A new pilot program to better control behavior of visitors, will require everyone to hire a guide at the main entrance at the rate of $10 USD per person and enter in groups of 6-8 people. 

Similar pilot programs are planned for other islands:

  • In Santa Cruz: Tortuga Bay, Garrapatero Beach, The Twins, Las Grietas.
  • In Isabela: Wall of Tears, Tortoise Breeding Center, Concha Perla.
  • In San Cristóbal: El Junco Lake, Frigate Hill, Puerto Chino Beach, La Galapaguera, Lobería Beach, Carola Beach, Interpretation Center.

If you have any questions, please contact your tour operator directly. 
Adios Adventure Travel will include entry fees in our Galapagos Island itineraries, or we will tell you in advance in cases where you are expected to pay when you enter. 

ATM Machine.
We're pleased to report that there is now an ATM machine on Isabela Island. Keep in mind that it should be used as backup and all visitors are advised to plan ahead for bringing spending money to the islands. I don't recommend relying soley on the ATM for cash. If it runs out of cash or breaks down, there is no other option for obtaining cash.

Galapagos National Park entry fees are collected at the airport upon arrival in the islands. Foreigners pay $100 USD adult / $50 USD child (cash only)

Visitors are advised to bring enough cash to cover all their meals, drinks, tips and other incidental purchases while traveling in the islands.