Does Machu Picchu Go "On Sale" in the Low Season?

The Machu Picchu low season begins in early January after the New Year holidsy are over, and continues to mid March. This coincides with the rainy season in that part of the Andes. Here's a link to see full details about weather and climate. This is a time of year when there are fewest travelers.  What are the advantages to traveling during the low season?

  • the biggest benefit is fewer travelers
  • more choices for hotels, restaurants and trains
  • greater opportunity to get coveted tickets to hike to Huayna Picchu (but still must be purchased 1-3 months in advance)
  • it can rain year round but you can still expect sunshine during the rainy season
  • temperatures are roughly the same year round. Cool. 

But. What about discounts on the cost of our trip to Machu Picchu?

  • Many luxury hotels and even tourist class hotels will offer lower rates during the "low" season
  • Search Expeda, Orbitz etc for lower rates on luxury hotels
  • there are no discounts for: trains, Machu Picchu entry tickets, bus tickets, Turistico Boleto tickets and wages for guides/drivers
  • Perurail may offer unannounced random discounts at any time of year. It's difficult to plan your trip around those discounts. 
  • Peru Lodge Trek offers low season discounts on their multi-day hikes

Are there any disadvantages to traveling to Machu Picchu during the slow season?

  • This is the time of year when Peruvian schools are closed and families take their holiday trips. 
  • Smaller businesses may be closed in Cusco and Lima and other metropolitan areas
  • Amazon jungle lodges may be closed

The real value of traveling to Machu Picchu in the low season, in my opinion, is for the benefit of having reduced crowds and greater access to some activities. But that depends on your activities. Hikes, wedding ceremonies and Pachamanca luncheons are best done in the dry season.

I created a blog post to show the average cost per person of a 7-day trip to Machu Picchu. Follow this link to get the details.