"One and done." Each entry ticket entitles the holder to enter Machu Picchu one time. And now there are more changes to circuits that started on June 1, 2024. CLICK HERE to find out more about those changes. 

About Machu Picchu entry tickets:

  • in January 2024, Peru launched new ticketing website on 3rd party Joinnus/TuBoleto platform
  • However, a new ticketing website, returning control back to the Peru government is expected to be launched in August 2024. (here's a link to read more about why)
  • Entry tickets are purchased based on entry time to Machu Picchu, beginning 6 am and every hour up to 14:00 or 15:00 pm
  • Ticket availability varies by the hour and by circuit. Availability is based on first come basis.
  • there is no advantage to rushing to enter at 6 am. Mornings can be cloudy and misty. It usually burns off by late morning. This is most likely to happen in wet season. (Click here to see more details about Machu Picchu weather and seasons)
  • The entry tickets for all of the 6 hikes inside the park have specific routes and entry times .   
  • visitors can purchase additional entry tickets for the same day as long as they are different circuit.. 

Other things to know about visiting Machu Picchu:

  • there are 1000 tickets per day available only to visitors who show up in Aguas Calientes in person. It's a multi-step process and may take 2 days.
  • the waiting line to board buses varies but can be 30 minutes or more to go up and the same to go down in busy season (May-Oct). The duration of the ride is 25 minutes.
  • the high season is defined from June 1 - October 15 and December 30 and 31. 
  • during the high season, the tolerance for entering late is 45 minutes and during the low season, it's 30 minutes
  • Fit visitors can walk from Machu Picchu back to Aguas Calientes in about 1-2H. And it's downhill. In that case you should buy 1 way bus ticket and save $12 USD pp
  • It's easy to buy bus tickets in person at the bus stop in Aguas Calientes. Although they have a credit card processing machine, it is subject to malfunction. Bring cash in Peruvian soles. 
  • the new rule requiring guide service is still not being enforced
  • there is one restroom located at the main entry to Machu Picchu. People who leave Machu Picchu national park to use the restroom are not permitted to re-enter on the same day unless they have purchased additional tickets in advance. You cannot buy entry tickets at the main entry to Machu Picchu.
  • you can buy another ticket for re-entry on the same day. But. You have to buy it in advance. And it needs to be a different route.

How much time can you spend in Machu Picchu?

The one thing that determines how long you can spend in Machu Picchu is not what you think. In 2024, Machu Picchu park authorities announced there would be a 2.5 hour time limit. Once you are inside the main citadel, they have no way to monitor what time you entered. With one-way circuits and marked paths, most independent travelers may not know how to get to the nooks and crannies to have a thorough exploration of the ruins. But even if they do, the one thing that really determines the duration of your visit is how long you can go before you need to use the toilet!  Follow this link to read more about toilets at Machu Picchu.

Want More Time to Explore Machu Picchu Ruins? 

It's difficult to schedule 2 entries back to back on the same day if you're doing a one day trip to Machu Picchu. Remember it takes at least 5 hours each way to get from Cusco to Machu Picchu. Here's a tip. Take the train to Aguas Calientes in the morning on Day 1 and explore the upper circuit 1 (panoramic views) which are most likely to be clear in the afternoons. Then spend the night in the village of Aguas Calientes and go back to Machu Picchu the next morning to explore the actual Inca city (circuit 2 or lower circuit 3). You have time to get back to Cusco by dinner time on Day 2!

Here's a photo of Machu Picchu essential features:

Adios tour guides know how to maneuver through the ruins so you don't miss things. If you have more than 1 entry to Machu Picchu on the same day, there is no added cost for them to guide both entries. CLICK HERE to read about Adios tour guide service.

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