By Vidal Jaquehua

It took me a while to write my story, but here we go. I been working in tourism for over 20 years as a licensed guide.  At the beginning for some compànies based here in Cusco, and then for some companies that are based in Lima. I have personally guided over 5000 people to the sacred grounds of Machu Picchu.

So with the time I did learn more and more from our clients and eventually I did work for some companies based in different places around the world. There is a time when you stop and then you start thinking in a way to grow.  A way to start doing trips in your way. It was important to me to have control over the quality of the trips I was working in. 

So then is when Adios Adventure Travel was born. And yes was difficult at the beginning because nobody knew about us. One day I got a request so I went to the airport in order to get my group. So there is when I'll meet a bunch of kids with their teachers, (Jacquie was one of the teachers).  Some of them dragging their bags and others just looking around, (probably wondering "where I am now?")   However I did take care of every one, taking my group as always first to the hotel, then to the different Inca sites, museums, etc.

At the beginning everyone was a bit tired and a bit confused, but with the time we start developing a nice relationship between the students and the teachers, then we became to be Friends. One day I'll got a question. " How do you advertise?" The answer was obvious. Word of mouth.  Just people that new about us will came and ask for some small trips. Then Jacquie will came up with an idea. Lets show your trips to the people.  I didn't have an idea how the advertising worked, so Jacquie will do a research of travel trade shows and big surprise, we get involve in one of them. 

Adventure Travel Expo. This was the first time that will show our company to the market, and luckily we manage to get some people in our trips.  So little by little we start having some people in our groups.  And thanks to their testimonials is that we been in business. "Keep up the wonderful work with the sustainable tourism, it is why we chose to go with Adios Adventure Travel.  It is great that you try to help the people and the environment of Peru."

"We cannot believe how many things we did on this trip to Peru!  Thank you for organizing our trip for us!  From start to finish we always were picked up on time, and we never had to worry about our hotels and our transportation.  What a wonderful way to spend our honeymoon."

"Vidal is very proud of his Quechua heritage and very involved in the local communities. At many of the villages we visited, he handed out pencils, books and shoes to kids -- purchased out of his own profits, or in some cases, sent to him by former clients."