It was an accident, unless you believe in fairies, fate or Pacha Mama. How did an American soccer mom cross paths with an Incan guide in Peru? And what's even more crazy, is how did we become friends and then business partners? How did Adios Adventure Travel  get started?

The "I" in this story, is me, the soccer mom. I work in a small, private school on the east coast of the U.S. and I was secretly searching for ideas for a trip on which I could take high school students.  It wasn't the kind of secret that you guard, it was more like an idea in the back of your head.  You don't really have a solid plan, so you don't share it with anyone.  You wait and watch for a sign (or an email from the universe.)

One day I got an unsolicited email at school. I get a lot of emails and for some reason, I did not delete this one.  I looked at it closely.  It was from a company offering travel opportunities to South America, but what caught my eye was the service component.  The secret plan in the back of my head loved the idea of a community service project.  That started the search to find out more about this company and the project.  I asked other people to search for info as well, to make sure I wasn't deluding myself.  I didn't want my oh-please-let-it-be-so bias to be a factor if I decided to go with this company.