Flor Vocangel Zuniga

I was born in Quillabamba, the jungle region of Cusco. I moved to Cusco when I was 7 years old. After I completed high school I didn’t know what to study. I saw my brother working in tourism, so I followed him. Our childhood was tough. We grew up without a dad. But my mom always knew to educate us 3 kids. I studied tourism for 3 years in the institute and got my license in 2010. My first trip was to Lares Valley. I like to show my culture including the costumes and traditions of the people. I love the mountains and I’m proud to be born in Peru. I’ll also be proud to die here. I have a 4 year old daughter, Tatiana. She is my reason for living. I want her to have a different childhood than mine. And my dream is to go to the Inca Trail with her. I feel very comfortable working for Adios Adventure Travel. Like all guides, I am freelance. Adios Adventure Travel encourages me to be myself with our clients. And they treat all clients and staff very well.

Guia Oficial de Turismo - License for leading traditional tours

Guia Oficial de Turismo Licenciado por Direcitur - license for leading hikes