Family Travel

Updated: Aug 29, 2012

Families who travel together enjoy a special bond that can't be compared to any other activity. Before we construct an itinerary for you, we get to know the members of your "tribe."  Every family tour is different.  Please view the following tours which are especially suited to the needs of  families:


Are you planning a trip with multiple generations? 
Check our travel tips:

  • hotels can be upgraded to luxury class
  • with advance notice we can book your hotel close to town center to minimize walking distances to activities
  • let us know your needs in advance so we can offer activities to suit different ages & interests
  • very young & older senior travelers may need to additional "down" time - we can
    offer activities during this time for the active members of your group
  • ask about picnics or day hikes for your family
  • some family members may want to do the 1-day hike to Machu Picchu while other members
    ride the train.  All meet up in the ruins for a grand tour and ride the train back to Cusco
  • just about anything can be modified on request

When do you want to travel?  We do our best to accommodate your preferred travel dates, which is why
you don't see schedules and calendars for trips.  The majority of our tours & trips are customized.

Contact us and we'll put a "soft" hold on your dates while you work on your flights or other details.  A deposit is not needed right away and can be cancelled at any time.