Traveling with Children

Who doesn't love traveling with their little darlings?  Wide-eyed and fresh, the whole world is waiting for them.  And so are we.  More children are traveling than ever before.  We at Adios have children and we are aware of the special needs & interests of children.  We want to avoid those 'ho-hum-everybody-back-on-the-bus" tours.  (we hope none of our tours ever become like that!)

Tips for traveling with kids:

  • Let us know the ages of all members of your group.  We have many options for planning activities and we have some special activities and destinations that will stimulate your child's interests and imagination.
  • Remember that both legal guardians have to be with each child under 18 traveling across international borders.  That applies to inbound and outbound travel.  If one parent/guardian is traveling with children, the other parent must sign & notorize a letter authorizing the travel. 
    Link to Travel Consent Letter at vacation.   You'll be asked to provide your name & email address and the form will be sent to you.

Ask about adding the following kid-friendly activities to your tour:

  • Day hikes - Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands
  • Camp-outs - Peru/we provide all the equipment (and help from our Porters)
  • Mountain biking - Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands
  • Horseback riding - Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands
  • Hands-on cooking fun - Peru
  • Wildlife & birdwatching - Amazon in Peru/Ecuador & Galapagos Islands
  • Grand Catered Picnic - Sacred Valley, Peru
  • Homestay on Lake Titicaca - Peru/step back in time
  • Visits to rural schools to have lunch with local children - Peru & Ecuador
  • Go to the top of a volcano - Ecuador
  • Visit indigenous markets - Peru & Ecuador
  • Explore the hands-on Solar Museum in Quito, Ecuador/find out if water drains in different directions in each hemispheres
  • Amazon River Cruise - 4-8 days/Ecuador
  • We have plenty of museums too, but we know that a little museum goes a long way
  • Want to lend a hand?  Bring gently-used backpacks & we'll make sure they end up on the shoulders of a rural child who really needs it.
    (the quantity makes no difference - please no rolling backpacks)

Got questions?