Machu Picchu Tickets

Instructions to buy your tickets to Machu Picchu & Huayna Picchu (Wayna Picchu)

Machu Picchu is open 365 days a year from 6 am to 5:30 pm daily.   Beginning July 1, 2017, visitors can buy tickets for 1 or 2 shifts:

  • Morning from 6 am - 12 Noon. 152/s. per adult (about $48 USD)
  • Machu Picchu with Huayna Picchu Hike at 7 AM or 10 AM (you can enter anytime after 6 AM) 
  • Machu Picchu with Machu Picchu Mountain Hike at 7 AM or 9 AM (you can enter anytime after 6 AM) 
  • Afternoon from 12 Noon - 5:30 pm. 152/s. per adult (about $48 USD)

Click here to see updated information on Machu Picchu ticket changes. 

It is not possible to buy tickets of any kind at the main entrance to the ruins. 

There are 3 options for purchasing entrance tickets to Machu Picchu (and Huayna Picchu)

1) Buy your Machu Picchu tickets in person at the Machu Picchu office in Cusco or the town center of Aguas Calientes.
Pay with US dollars, Peruvian Soles or VISA credit card.  If you pay in cash, bring exact amount to make it easy.
Machu Picchu Cusco Ticket office address: Av. De la Cultura Nº238 Condominio Huascar-Wanchaq 
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Open:  Monday to Saturday 07:00 – 18:30hrs

2) Buy Machu Picchu tickets online with VISA credit card. Go to the government website:

3) Buy Machu Picchu entrance tickets from Adios Adventure Travel US office: (any major credit card)
This is the easiest option and you can print your tickets at home before you leave.  We add on a fee to cover admin costs and the cost of sending a guide to the ticket office.  Send passport by email to Adios US office in Virginia:

  • Full name of each traveler as written on the passport
  • passport number (should not expire within 6 months of planned arrival)
  • nationality of the passport (country that issued the passport)
  • Date of birth of each traveler - please spell the month
  • the date you want to enter (tickets are valid for 2 entries on the same day)
  • students age 8-17 - qualify for 40% discount off adult rate with scanned copy of passport
  • students age 18-24 qualify for 40% discount off adult rate with scanned copy of valid ISIC card
  • seniors age 61 and over qualify for 40% discount off addult with with scanned copy of passport
  • we charge $5 USD per ticket and $25 USD per group (1 group of 4 pax will pay additional $45 USD)

Where is Huayna Picchu? 
(see satellite map)
Wayna Picchu is the little mountain you see behind the ruins.  It takes about 1-2 hours to climb round trip. Terrain is steep steps and short switchbacks to the top then return by the same path.  If you have any doubt whether you can make it, you can always turn around any time. The summit is slanted boulders with spectacular 360 degree view when clear.  Choose to hike at 7 am or 10 am, and your reservation cannot be changed, refunded or transferred.  You have a window of up to 1 hour to sign in for the hike at your scheduled time. Then the entrance gate will close.   Click here to see comparison of Huayna Picchu Hike and Machu Picchu Mountain Hike (the other lesser known hike inside the citadel)


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Huayna (Wayna) Picchu tickets should be bought when you buy your Machu Picchu tickets.  It is not possible to buy Huayna Picchu tickets separately.  Which means if you buy Machu Picchu entrance tickets and later decide to add on the hike to Huayna Picchu, you will have to buy new entrance tickets to Machu Picchu that include the tickets to Huayna Picchu. This also applies to the 5 Day or 2 Day Inca Trail hikes. To return to Machu Picchu and hike to Huayna Picchu, we have to buy new entry tickets that include the Huayna Picchu hike.

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