"One and done." That's the latest change at Machu Picchu. Each entry ticket entitles the holder to enter one time.  

Here's what we know about the new rule:

  • it will affect both morning and afternoon ticket holders
  • morning ticket holders can enter up to about 11am (ish) and stay beyond 12N.  They will not be asked to leave.
  • there is no advantage to rushing to enter at 6 am. Mornings can be cloudy and misty. It usually burns off by late morning.
  • tickets for Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain will entitle people to enter twice. Once for the hike. Once for a tour of one circuit.
  • visitors can purchase an additional ticket if available, in the office in Aguas Calientes

Here's what we don't know about the new rule:

  • exact date it will be implemented. Sometime in June 2018
  • if it's permanent change or temporary, to alleviate seasonal congestion

Other things to know:

  • the line to buy bus tickets in Aguas Calientes can be 1 hour wait.  We recommend you pre-buy your tickets in Cusco at Consettur Office, Avenida Infancia 433
  • the waiting line to board buses is average of 2H to go up and 1H to go down in busy season (May-Oct). The duration of the ride is 25 minutes.
  • Fit visitors can walk back to Aguas Calientes in about an hour. And it's downhill. In that case you should buy 1 way bus ticket and save $12 pp
  • the new rule requiring guide service is still not being enforced

If you have any questions, we'll do our best to answer promptly.  We try to stay up to date.