Tip #1 - If only 1 parent or no parents are traveling with children under the age of 18, the parent (or guardian) traveling with child(ren) should have a notorized Permission to Travel letter from the parent not traveling.  There is no standardized single form.  You can find templates online or create your own. 
Tip #2 -  Carry more than 1 kind of CC (VISA/MC & AMEX) and verify what benefits/limitations your credit cards have: 
  • travel accident insurance
  • trip cancellation insurance
  • lost luggage reimbursement
  • purchase protection
  • access to airport lounges with free WIFI, food, and sometimes showers or family rooms
  • ability to make purchases abroad without foreign transaction fees
  • concierge services (can they get you tickets or access to that special activity or place you wanted to see?)
Tip #3 - Do not put valuables in your checked bag, even if secured with a TSA-approved lock.  We've had travelers whose bags arrived in the hotel and when they were unlocked, valuables were missing.   Children should carry their hand-held devices AND the cables in their carryons. A device without a recharge cable is useless.
Tip #4 - Document the model # and take photos of all valuables/devices and instruct children to have a special place to store their devices while traveling, to avoid loss.  Children should learn to store the device in the same place after every use.  This is a good habit for adults too.
Tip #5 - If you're traveling with a laptop, backup the data at home on another computer or external harddrive.
Tip #6 - Scan all your passports, credit cards & other travel documents, and email to yourself.  If all your luggage and bags were lost or stolen, you could access the information from any computer.
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