99.99999% of the people who started a travel related business,  probably started as a traveler.  I feel pretty safe in making such a broad, sweeping statement because all the people I have met in this business like to explore new destinations. (except for one, who won't leave New Jersey!)  

One of the most desirable consequences of being in the travel game is that you meet other people in the business. Whether it's becoming a travel writer, travel journalist, tour operator, web designer, magazine editor, photographer or  building an eco-lodge,  we all have one thing in common.  A spark.  An idea that we nudged and coaxed until the flames got big enough to attract others.  (hopefully not a firetruck!)

I plan to introduce you to some imaginative people and their travel stories.  Because, in my opinion, it's the stories that bind us,  inspire us and separate us from the other creatures with whom we share the planet. These stories are not limited to South America or any other geographically defined area.   Nor are they meant to focus on a specific travel occupation.

Our first amigo is Bob Fisher and you can meet Bob through his answers to a few questions we posed. To find out more about Bob, we included a link to his website below.

Who are you? I am a retired educator who morphed into a travel journalist because I believe firmly that travel is the most experiential form of learning. I also support the principle and practice of lifelong learning.

Where are you located? Physically I am located in Canada, specifically in the northern part of what is known as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This area also has the distinction of being the most multicultural city in North America. In all other respects my psyche resides in what I believe is a borderless world.

How are you involved in the travel industry? I write. I do podcasts. I emphasize history, heritage, and the arts. I often focus on indigenous peoples. (We call them First Nations in Canada). I believe firmly that many individuals I have encountered in the global travel and tourism industry (the largest on the planet) are public educators in the most comprehensive sense of the term.

How did you get started? It was a very natural "segue" from 32 years of teaching to travel journalism. And I should add that I do make a clear distinction between travel writing and travel journalism because dominant media outlets and other marketing forces still tend to "set the agenda". I do not do "Where's the beach?" articles.

Why did you select this aspect of the travel industry? As I have said above, travel is the most experiential form of learning and the field of educational travel (a very important and increasingly diversified "niche" market) allows me (as I say on my website) to ... "produce conceptual, literate, in-depth, and content-rich multimedia narratives that explore the universal layers of meaning inherent in travel."

What are your business goals? I am in the business of giving a voice to significant destinations whether they are international, national, regional, or local. I know that travel is not only an important source of revenue (especially at the local or community level) but it is also another way of stimulating intercultural dialogue between people.

What are you personal goals? As an educator, my key goal is to give back as best I can to all those who work in this global industry. Like other sectors of society, such as health care, public education, and businesses of all kinds, it does indeed "take a village to raise a child"; and the village is the global village.  I have had the privilege of working and interacting with so many individuals in this industry who contribute exponentially to the fundamental goals of intercultural dialogue and world peace.

Can you highlight your top 3 travel destinations in the world and why? When I am asked this question, I often say "The last one." Having said that, the travel experiences that have influenced and enhanced my personal worldview the most (and helped me shed my ethnocentric baggage) are India, Egypt, and China. The Philosophical Traveller