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Why should you choose Adios Adventure Travel?

Working with a company to organize travel to a place you've never been before, a place about which you may know very little, can be an intimidating experience. How do you know if you're choosing the right company? What should you expect from this person whom you'll (probably) never meet? We could tell you all the reasons you should choose us - but of course we think we can do the job!

One very important question to ask any tour operator is if they provide travel assistance in cases where unplanned strikes, weather calamities or other events beyond your control, occur. The answer is "YES!" Adios Adventure Travel offers assistance to all our groups.  We have teams in each country with local contacts and up to date intel ready to help you change local flights, hotels, trains or other travel arrangements.  While it's impossible to guarantee any outcome, we will assist any reasonable request for travel aid.

Don't take our word for it. Listed below are real life comments from people for whom we've already done exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Get the scoop from travelers just like you!

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To say that we were completely satisfied...would be an understatement."

To say that we were completely satisfied and pleased with the level of service that was provided by your company would be an understatement. I along with my family have done a fair amount of travelling over the years. Never have I experienced the care and concern that was exhibited to us by your company from any other travel company. From the detail provided in your itinerary to the attention given to us upon arriving in Cusco, I cannot recommend Adios Adventure Travel more highly. You are a credit to the travel industry. Please share our thanks with Vidal.

 ~ Joseph, United States :: 2 Day Machu Picchu Adventure by train | July 2017

I really appreciated the support..."

We felt very prepared. And Whatsapp allowed us to contact Vidal when we had additional changes. We made our own [hotel] arrangements, but when we had a problem with our Cusco reservation, Vidal was very helpful in working with the local hotel to resolve. We really appreciated the help. [The guided tours] were excellent! We learned so much and saw so many wonderful things. I wanted to do lots of walking/hiking and we certainly did! That area of Peru is such an amazing and unique place. And local guides really brought it all together for us. Fermin and Victor both spoke excellent English. No issues with communication. And they both brought so much knowledge to the discussions. I had a rough time on the one day inca trail hike and Fermin really kept me positive and moving forward. Victor and Fermin were both great about recommending when I should take hiking poles. I really appreciated the support and patience."

~ Sara, United States :: 6 Day Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Adventure | June 2017

Thank you for all your efforts..."

The Itinerary that you had sent to us was fantastic. It was very detailed and complete and answered most of the questions that we had. Also the quick responses that we received were very appreciated. The quided tours were great. They were what made the trip so good. Being in such a small group is so much better than having someone wave a little flag at you and lead you around. The guides were great. Especially Vidal, his sharing of his culture and knowledge of the history and willingness to share this was why the trip was so good. I would recommend this trip to anyone and have shared it with several family members already. How complete the trip was from the moment you arrive to when you leave was wonderful. I will also definately recommend that people go to Adios Adventure Travel for any of your trips to South America. We are super satisfied with our trip and will go through you again in the future. Thank you for all your efforts and work to make our trip turn out so well.

~ Rich, United States :: 7 Day Machu Picchu Adventure | June 2017


Compulsive travellers across several continents, our last month’s trip to Machu Picchu and Galapagos with Adios Adventure Travel – our first, fully guided tour! - would surely rank among the top three destination experiences of our lives thus far. And, we have [Heather], Jacqui, and the top-notch, well-coordinated AAT teams across Peru and Ecuador to thank for much of this quality experience. THANK YOU! [We] particularly appreciated: The flexibility of sightseeing destinations in Quito – including a visit to Old Quito, and Four days of life-enriching travel through Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, superbly guided by Hubert. Assuredly knowledgeable, articulate and courteous, Hubert Jacquehua is our pick of the bunch! His warmth, personal touch and customer-specific considerations stood out."

~ Jack, Canada :: 12 Day Machu Picchu & Galapagos Explorer | May 2017

The service...was more than I expected...truly excellent!"

We are back from Peru, and it was wonderful! The service of your company was more than i expected, and it was truly excellent! I would like to say some words of thanks and appreciation to our guide Hubert. He did over and beyond his duties as a guide. He was our friend, our teacher, our clown and our caretaker. He truly enjoys what he is doing and it shows on the manner he imparts his knowledge to us and especially to our son whim Hubert kept engaged and entertained the whole time. The trip to Machu Picchu was mind blowing. Hubert gave us a lot of info that kept us saying ahhhhh, ohhhhh.... Hubert is definitely experienced, well informed and is a big asset to your company. Thanks again and we will see you again." 

~ Maricelle, United States :: 2-Day Inca Trail | May 2017

Our 3 hours spent in Machu Picchu itself was life affirming."

We wanted to thank you so much for the trip. While compact, it included almost all of the things that we were hoping to see, and the effect was powerful. The fact that we had individual guided tours for the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, was incredible. The hike on the Inca trail is something that we'll never forget, and our 3 hours spent in Machu Picchu itself was life affirming. The stories and history relayed by Hubert, our guide, was priceless, as were the photos Steve took. The accommodations were more than we expected (nice having a private bath and shower everyday!), and all of the transfers and travel arrangements went off without a hitch. We were never left wondering where we were or where our guide was, while all of them were good-humored, patient, smart and, above all, professional."

~ John, United States :: 3 Day Machu Picchu Express | May 2017

We felt we were in good hands from the very first email."

We felt we were in good hands from the very first email exchange we had with you. You were always quick to respond with helpful answers and went above and beyond during the planning process. Once we were on the ground, Hubert was a fantastic guide. He was the perfect mix of fun, interesting, and knowledgeable. He knew all there was to know about Cusco and the Inca Trail but we never felt deluged with boring facts or endless stories. He kept it fun and was able to answer questions if we wanted more information. The whole process was incredibly smooth and made our first journey to South America really amazing. We would absolutely recommend Adios Adventures (in fact, we already have!) to anyone visiting Peru. We noted a few times during the trip how great it was to be so well taken care of, and how we couldn't imagine being there without Heather and Ubert taking care of us. Thanks so much. We really appreciate everything!

I would also like to add that hubert was incredible at taking our phones from us and getting tons of pictures of Ben and I the entire trip. He knew great spots for photo ops that we may not have thought of. Every step of the way we felt safe and taken care of, from the drivers to restaurant choices, to hotel accommodations. Every single thing was seamless and went without a single hitch. We are so thankful for yall, and have given your name to multiple people so far. Thank you again for everything."

~ Ben & Lauren, United States :: 4-Day Inca Trail | May 2017

[We] agree that our Peru vacation is our best ever!"

My husband and I agree that our Peru vacation is our best ever! Thank you for organizing the trip for us. We had NO issues along the way. Everything ran smoothly. We so appreciated all the attention we received and how easily we were navigated throughout the entire trip. We felt so special having private guides at all of the destinations. The accommodations were more than satisfactory. Our guide for River Heath Wildlife Center, Pepe, was extremely knowledgeable on all the flora, fauna, & wildlife of the Amazon area. He had a keen eye for discovering wildlife. We had many adventures there from night walks, Macaw & parrot clay lick, oxbow lake trip to see the giant river otters, climbing the kapok tree to platform overlooking the canopy, fishing for piranhas, following the monkeys through the trees, etc. We were so surprised that we were the only guests at River Heath Wildlife Center! The staff at River Heath were wonderful. The food was amazing. We rate this experience at the highest level. Then when we arrived in Cusco and were met by Hubert, we again felt that we were in good hands. Hubert is an exceptional tour guide. He shared so much with us about the Incan culture, history and showed us so many things from Moray, to the Maras Salt Pans, Chinchera weavers, the Sacred Valley wonders. He was very encouraging and patient with us on the Incan trail as I was not feeling 100%. But the reward of seeing Machu Picchu from Intipunku was absolutely unbelievable to me. I was awestruck by the sight. The next day, Hubert continued giving us a great tour of the ruins and we all hiked up Huayna Picchu for another incredible view of Macchu Picchu, the mountains and Urubamba River. Hubert was energetic, encouraging, knowledgeable and gracious was us. We couldn’t believe our fortune with having him guide us. We took the bus to Puno. Beautiful scenery along the way. When we arrived in Puno, we were immediately met by Jose who took us to our hotel & gave us instructions for the next couple of days. He went with us to Luquina Peninsula and with the homestay family. That was incredible. We stayed with Saturnina, at Inti Mallku Lodge. Our hostess was great. We joined another group for local dancing after dressing up in their traditional clothing. The next day, we helped around the farm with shucking of flava beans, milking the cow and harvesting the quinoa. It was a beautiful place. Again, we are very grateful for all the work Adios Adventures did to make our Peru experience perfect. Thank you very much."

~ Sheryl, United States :: 14 Day Peru Explorer| April 2017

It was all we expected and more!

It was all we expected and more! The drivers were all nice, we were picked up on time, the accommodations were super. Our guides were awesome, especially Hubert!!! No problems with the language, everyone was very easily understood. They seemed very passionate and genuine in all the info they offered us. Our travel info was pretty spot on. We feel like all bases were covered and were 100% satisfied with all you did for us! We would(and I already have!)recommend you. Thanks again, so much!" 

~ Chad, United States :: 10-Day Amazon & Machu Picchu Adventure | April 2017

We greatly enjoyed our time..."

[Pre-departure information was] Extremely adequate, [Heather was] great answering my questions, and we were very well prepared. Thank you! Hubert was amazing! He really made the trip special, and his knowledge of Peru, its people and culture, and Machu Picchu were tremendous. We greatly enjoyed our time with him and would recommend him to anyone. He is truly a great person! Thanks!"

~ Jean, United States :: 2-Day Inca Trail | April 2017

Very knowledgable and very passionate about the Incas."

The pre-departure itinerary was incredibly detailed and having that as a resource throughout our trip was very helpful for us. Heather was always able to answer all my questions throughout the planning process. One of the favorite parts of our trip was conversations with our guide Fredy at dinner every night about the Peruvian culture, lifestyle, economy, healthcare, etc. Fredy was very knowledgable and very passionate about the Incas."

~ Jenn, United States :: 4-Day Inca Trail | April 2017

Our Peru trip was absolutely amazing."

Our Peru trip was absolutely amazing. I feel so fortunate not only to have had the opportunity to hug my sister, but to have that glorious itinerary you set up for us! The hotels were great. Our guide, Hubert, was so fantastic and he really took the time to make sure we appreciated every site we visited. Learning about the Inca culture was so cool… Machu Picchu was breathtaking. I would really love to return at some point in the future to do other hikes in (and around) Cusco. Again, I cannot thank you enough for all of your expertise."

~ Lauren, United States :: 5-Day Machu Picchu Adventure | March 2017

We can't thank you enough."

Just a quick note to let you know what a wonderful time we had on our recent tour. Your guides are world class , Milton for our Sacred Valley day trip and Elias for the two day Machu Picchu were beyond expectation and the driver Yorky filled us with confidence on the Peruvian roads. We will be highly recommending your company to our friends and also to our local travel agent in Brisbane and of course will add something to Trip Adviser. We can't thank you enough"

~ Jeff & Rhonda, Australia :: 1 Day Sacred Valley Tour & 2-Day Inca Trail | March 2017

The trip allowed me to have an amazing proposal."

I just wanted to write a quick thank you for our unforgettable experience with Adios Adventure Travel! Your willingness to tailor the 1 day Inca Trail trip for us allowed me to have an amazing proposal to my longtime girlfriend, Ellen. We were very lucky to have such a wonderful company to guide us on our Peruvian vacation. Other travel companies I spoke with were not willing to give us the unique trip we wanted. Also, I need to tell you about our experience with our guide, Juan. Ellen and I were not particularly excited to have a guide with us during the Inca Trail as we enjoy hiking alone. Then we met Juan and we soon realized how beneficial it was that Juan was with us. Juan made us feel like we were hiking with a friend instead of a stranger. He was an expert on all things Incan and we could not stump him with the large amount of questions we had for him about their history! He was most accommodating during the hike and MP tour, especially when helping me during my proposal. He let us walk through MP to find the perfect spot, took great pictures while I proposed, and made our family and friends feel like they experienced it first hand with his great photography. Though fog had taken over MP during the proposal, it felt perfect (I really like Juan's comment that it was not fog but the heavens behind us in the photos). Juan was the perfect guide for our MP trip. Thanks again for the amazing experience."

~ John, United States:: 2-Day Inca Trail | March 2017

It was a great experience."

The three days we spent with Hubert were most enjoyable. He's truly an excellent guide...knowledgeable and patient. It was a great experience.  Thanks for all the coordination!"


~ Dan, United States :: 2-Day Inca Trail & Huayna Picchu Hike | January 2017

Thank you for an awesome vacation to Peru!"

Just a note to say thank you for an awesome vacation to Peru! We want to thank you and Adios Adventure travel for taking care of all of the details for our trip. We loved our guide, Flor Bocangel Zuniga, along with the Porter team. They were very professional and knowledgeable about the Inca Trail and Manchu Picchu. We will certainly recommend Adios Adventure travel to any of our family and friends who are planning on traveling to Peru. Thanks Again!"

~ Ted & Vickie, United States :: 4-Day Inca Trail | December 2016

I would to say a VERY big thank you..."

Firstly, I would like to say a VERY big thank you to the whole Adios team. I know from my side (the organisational side) your whole team was VERY helpful and efficient!! You were easy to get hold of, quick to respond to my questions, and very accommodating to all my requests and needs!! It was a pleasure working with you all!!!"

~ Orli, South Africa :: Coordinator for 25 Day Chile Coastal Wine Adventure w/Machu Picchu & Galapagos Adventure | December 2016

Definitely one of my best vacations ever."

We had a great time. Definitely one of my best vacations ever. [Pre-departure information] was very thorough. I probably spent more tmie getting ready for this trip than for any other trip I've ever taken, which helped a lot. Very happy with the tours. We had no troubl eat all communicating with our guides. I think [my wife's] favorite part of the whole trip was the San Pedro market in Cusco. She did all her Christmas shopping and bought a ton of souvenirs for practically nothing. She really appreciated Fermin taking us there."

~ Michael, United States :: Amazon Jungle and Peru Explorer | November 2016

It was definitely a trip we'd remember!"

Victor was our guide and was brilliant. We had a great time with him and he helped us a lot on the Rainbow Mountain. Definitely, [would recommend] both Rainbow Mountain and Adios Adventure Travel. We think the trip itself was great and the organisation and what was provided during our trip was great. We thank Victor but also the cooks who prepared breakfast and dinner for us. It was definitely a trip we'd remember!"

~ Yinny :: Rainbow Mountain Hike | November 2016

I had a time of my life..."

Thanks again for your tremendous help - I had a time of my life in Peru all thanks to [Jacquie] and Adios! Hubert is terrific. He not only spoke terrific English but was extremely patient and eager when I told him I wanted to practice Spanish. He had great knowledge and pride of the ancient Inca culture, which I could easily feel and appreciate."

~ Han, China ::  6 Day Peru Adventure | November 2016

You really exceed expectations."

I want to thank you for such a beautiful experience to our family life and vacations. Hubert and your team was excellent ... there may not exist words to describe the experience and the great trip we had. All organized all on time... You really exceeded expectations."

Beatriz, San Salvador :: 2 Day Inca Trail | November 2016

We had a great experience with Adios Adventure!"

We had a great experience with Adios Adventure! Hubert our tour guide was the best! One of our favorites from our trip! He was very knowledgeable, enthusiast and easy to understand. He was also very helpful in giving good recommendations and also helped me fix my camel back when it wouldn't stop leaking! I've already had friends asking about traveling to Peru after seeing my pictures and recommended your tour group to them! Thank you for everything!"

Jillian, United States :: 2 Day Inca Trail & Sacred Valley Tour | November 2016

...we had an amazing time again."

First of all...we had an amazing time again. Thank you for everything. My favorite thing might have been the Sistine Chapel of the Andes. I've never seen anything like it and I've been to the Sistine Chapel. Fermin was awesome. We enjoyed spending time with him. The bike riding was great. We had a lot of fun. It's exactly what we were looking for and I was glad we stopped at Moray."

~ Alyssa, United States :: 4 Day Salkantay Trek | October 2016

So glad to have found Adios..."

Our guide, Fermin, made the hike and our guided tour of Machu Picchu such a pleasure. He was fun and light-hearted, had quite a bit of knowledge about the history, and took our needs into account (e.g., if we needed to take a break). His enthusiasm fo his work and his knowledge was evident. Adios did a great job of taking the worry out of that experience. I was grateful to be able to communicate with Heather via text along the way when we had questions. The hotel recommendations were particularly helpful, as we had not been there. So glad to have found Adios - it really made the trip."

~ Sarah, United States :: 2 Day Inca Trail | October 2016

..thank you for the best 2 days of my life."

I just wanted to thank you for the best 2 days of my life. Hubert was a fantastic guide; kind, knowledgeable and fun. My wife and I had a wonderful time and will certainly be using Adios Adventures again."

Check out Marcus' full review on Trip Advisor.

~ Marcus, United Kingdom :: 2 Day Inca Trail | October 2016

We will never forget the experience you have shared with us...." 

We can't thank this company enough for making our trip to Peru - Machu Picchu amazing. Our initial contact was with Jacquie Whitt who let us know our dream was possible and she could arrange this for us, our continuing contact was with Heather Corona, she understood our needs and delivered a package which met all our needs. She answered all my crazy questions promptly and with clarity. As we were nervous about this type of booking (usually a package deal) she guided us through the process excellently; and we were able to book flights and Adios accommodated the hotels etc to suit our timings. We were also looking to arrange our wedding ceremony in Peru, again Heather organised this expertly. Our wedding was on sacred ground and delivered by a Shaman at the mouth of a cave. It was the most fabulous event...ever... Throughout our trip, we were teamed with our guide Hubert, this man is amazing, he was our friend while we were there. He was so enthusiastic about his country and its history and took great pride in relating these stories while showing us the many sights. He looked after us so well, we miss him. On our ceremony day, Vidal attended, he is a great man with a very comfortable manner about him which added to the warmth of the day. These people are not 'tour operators', they are friends. Thank you. The friendliness of this "company" shine through. From start to finish they have provided an excellent service. We would recommend them to everyone. They will accommodate the needs of all abilities with their inclusive approach to sharing their knowledge and country. We will come back to Peru as one visit doesn't cover all the beauty of the country, we will probably bring some of our family next time. And we will contact Adios Adventure Travel to manage the trip. We will never forget the experience you have shared with us...."

Tracey, United States :: Sacred Valley Wedding & Machu Picchu Adventure | September 2016

 No matter what, Florentino always had a smile on his face."

We had an excellent time, and a lot of fun. Vidal and Klever were very knowledgeable and could easily communicate with us. We enjoyed communicating with the cook and porters (even though Klever had to do all the interpreting). It was nice to see a father, and two sons working together. And it was amazing that no matter what, Florentino always had a smile on his face. And we had no issues with having gluten free food for Nancy during the trek."

~ Mike, United States :: 4 Day Inca Trail | September 2016

 It was fabulous - the trip of a lifetime!"

The trip was fantastic. All of the pre-departure information was accurate and sufficient. Hubert was our guide for the one day hike to Machu Picchu which was maybe the most enjoyable, challenging, breathtakingly beautiful thing we have done. Hubert was an expert in every sense of the word and a pleasure to be with. Hubert was the tour guide we have ever had! We really enjoyed the planning that you did for us - the itinerary and the pre-departure checklist. It was fabulous - the trip of a lifetime!"

~ Tom, United States :: 2 Day Inca Trail & Sacred Valley Tour | September 2016

 Thanks again for a great experience!!"

Guided tours were awesome! Fermin and the porters were really attentive and genuinely cared about making our experience fun and educational. I would recommend to family and friends. In fact I already did. I just wanted to reiterate how great Fermin was. Thanks again for a great experience!!"

~ Jesus, United States :: 4 Day Inca Trail | September 2016

We have had just the most fantastic time..."

We have been well looked after by Vidal and the Adios Adventures team over the past week. Vidal was great in asusring we got away early for the Sacred Valley tour as there was a teachers' strike looming. Hubert our guide was great and gave us a good commentary at each of the sites we visited. We loved the trek... Arriving at the Sun Gate was awesome. The return and pick up went smoothly, and the hotels were also fabulous in Ollantaytambo and Cusco. We have had just the most fantastic time, largely due to the wonderful organisation and planning offered by Adios Adventures. A big THANK YOU for your support and input during the planning stages as well. We will certainly highly recomend you to our friends."

~ Betty-Ann, New Zealand :: 2 Day Inca Trail | September 2016

Definitely the highlight of my trip to Peru."

It was good to meet with the guide the night before to go over everything and he even helped me find a better hiking bag as the one I brought was a bit too heavy. Guided tours were good. I felt we covered everything in Machu Picchu and didn't feel rushed. Guide communicated clearly, very knowledgeable, and answered questions adequately. I would recommend it because of the quality of the tour and organization. Thank you again for setting everything up and for answering all my questions, this was definitely the highlight of my trip to Peru."

~ Meera, United States :: 2 Day Inca Trail | September 2016

We definitely would recommend Adios Adventure Travel."

Hubert was excellent. We really enjoyed having him lead our tours. We would definitely recommend this trip to our friends. There is a lot of history in Peru, especially Cusco. All the people we met at the hotels, the guides and drivers were all nice. The Pachamanka was interesting and the family that hosted us was nice. Vidal was extremely helpful to us. We really appreciated all he did for us. We definitely would recommend Adios Adventure Travel. Both [Heather] and Jacquie responded to our questions and concerns promptly. The itinerary you gave us contained all the information we needed in an organized and easy to read format."

~ Harold, United States :: 8 Day Machu Picchu Adventure | August 2016

We had a really great vacation and were very impressed..."

We had a really great vacation and were very impressed with everyone at Adios. Pre Departure information packet and meeting at the hotel the night before was perfect. We actually found the El Mapi to be nicer than expected. Plus the included dinner was a nice surprise. The guided hike we tok on the Inca Trail was amazing, and our guide Hubert was a great guy. It was very comforting to have the professional guide who knew English with us the whole time. We were fully satisfied."

~ Keith, United States :: 2 Day Inca Trail | August 2016

We had a fantastic time!"

We had a fantastic time! Thank you so much for helping me plan this trip. [My husband] and I had so much fun. [My husband] in particular was very impressed with our itinerary. Vidal was amazing and the sites we went to were fantastic. He even took us to some off-the-itienrary places, which we loved. [Galapagos] individual tours were great. The local tour guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. Again, vidal was AMAZING. I totally have been recommending this trip to my friends and family. Both locations were breath-taking and so full ofhistory and natural beauty."

~ Christie, United States :: Machu Picchu and Galapagos Explorer | August 2016

It was an incredible experience!" 

First, I wanted to say that Fermin was great and Gregor and I really enjoyed our trek. It was an incredible experience! Thanks again, and we will definitely keep Adios in mind for our next trek."


~ Jenny, Untied States :: 2 Day Inca Trail | August 2016

 Thank you again for making it a reality."

We had a wonderful trip to Peru and wanted to thank you all again for coordinating everything. We really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and seeing somany incredible and unique sights throughout our journey. Thank you again for making it a reality."

~ Farhan, United States :: 6 Day Peru Adventure | July 2016

Great company to go through." 

Klever basically made our trip. I cannot say enough good things about him. He is polite, friendly, educated and experienced. I think that we would of had a great time no matter what, but Klever definitely made our trip just that much better! I would absolutely recommend this trip. An experience of a lifetime! Great company to go through. I will recomend you guys to everyone. Thanks again!"

~ Cassie, United States :: 4 Day Inca Trail & 1 Day Inca Trail | June 2016