The answer is yes. But the real truth is that any healthy person can travel to Machu Picchu. All visitors, even those who have had the covid vaccination, must show either a negatice covid test taken within 72 hours of their flight to Lima, Peru, or proof of recovery from covid-19. It's the same rule for every person entering the United States. 

The real question is, are there any benefits for travelers entering Peru, who have the covid vaccine? Can vaccinated Americans, or citizens from other countries, skip the requirement for providing proof of negative covid test on arrival in Peru? This is one case where all travelers are treated equally. Everyone has to provide proof of negative covid test when they arrive in Lima even if they have been appropriately immunized for covid. But vaccinated travelers should carry their covid vaccine cards anyway. They may come in useful when moving around the country for sightseeing.

The international airlines are the gatekeepers of documents and their websites spell out the rules and the specifications for the kind of test needed and the window for getting the test or the documents that show you recovered from covid.

In addition to the test results, every foreigner arriving in Peru is expected to fill out an online statement swearing they have not come in contact with anyone with covid, nor are they experiencing any symptoms of covid. One of the concerns is that the document asks you to agree to 14 day quarantine. But our groups told us that once you show your negative covid test in Lima, the quarantine is suspended. Filling out the online form can be tricky. Based on reports from our recent travelers we set up a list of tips to help you fill out the declaration before you travel. (HERE)

Some websites are indicating that even if people provide proof of negative covid vaccine on arrival in Lima, they are still expected to take another covid test on arrival. Our groups report that they did not need to take another test on arrival in Lima as long as they showed the negative covid test on arrival. (or other documents as described in the airline website)

What about returning to the US? Do travelers need to get a covid test to fly home? So far, the CDC and US government require everyone who enters the country to show proof of negative covid test (or other documentation that you recovered from covid.) Check the airline website because they are in charge of those documents as well.  

Fortunately, we have the information needed to get the covid test in Cusco clinics after your trip to Machu Picchu. (HERE)

What else do you need to know about travel to Peru?

The Peru government is reviewing their covid restrictions every 15 days. This means that rules and protocols are subject to change. The good news is that the current Peruvian Preseident Sagasti stated that he will not mandate any more quarantines because of the affect on people. The unpredictable news is that a new president will be elected on June 6 and sworn into office in July 2021. June is looking good for travel if you can get your ducks in a row. 

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