On May 10, 2020, Peru President Martin Vizcarra officially decreed that Peruvian public servants, as well as foreign kids and senior citizens are temporarily granted free admission to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. And to sweeten the deal, he's throwing in entry to 54 other secondary archaeological and historical sites which I listed below. This is not just a one day sale. It's free entry every day for six months. 

Free entry was supposed to begin on July 1, 2020 and end on December 31, 2020, However, on October 19 limited Machu Picchu entry tickets were released for locals for entry from November 1-14, then sold out. Follow our social media to stay updated. It was announced that flights from the US and Canada will resume in November. Links are at the bottom of every page on this website. It's possible that more changes, updates, new rules for entry to Machu Picchu could be announced in early January 2021. 

Link to NEW RULES for visitors to Machu Picchu.

I'm planning to go to Peru as soon as the borders are open and I can determine what the travel protocols are going to be. It's my intention to document my trip with blog posts and videos to describe what foreigners can expect when entering and moving around the country. And I have to admit that I am motivated to see Machu Picchu after being closed for several months. This is a once in a lifetime situation. 

Follow this link for tips for planning a trip to Machu Picchu after Covid-19

Here's the list of archaeological and historical sites:

1. Chavín Archaeological Site / Ancash
2. Nazca lines and geoglyphs / Ica
3. National Museum of Peruvian Culture / Lima
4. Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum / Lambayeque
5. Bruning National Archaeological Museum / Lambayeque
6. National Museum of Sicán / Lambayeque
7. Huaca Ventarrón Archaeological Monument / Lambayeque
8. Chan Chan archaeological complex / La Libertad
9. Huacas del Sol y Luna Archaeological Complex - Moche / La Libertad
10. Huaca el Brujo Archaeological Complex / La Libertad
11. Exhibition Hall "Gilberto Tenorio Ruiz" / Amazon
12. Kuélap Archaeological Monument / Amazon
13. Ancash Archaeological Museum "Augusto Soriano Infante" / Ancash
14. Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and Natural History of Ranrairca - Yungay / Ancash
15. Anthropological Archaeological Museum of Apurímac / Apurimac
16. Regional Historical Museum "Hipólito Unanue" / Ayacucho
17. Quinoa Site Museum / Ayacucho
18. Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum of the Monumental Ensemble of Belén / Cajamarca
19. Regional Museum "Daniel Hernández Murillo" / Huancavelica
20. Archaeological Museum and Inka Palace "Samuel Humberto Espinoza Lozano de Huaytara" / Huancavelica
21. Regional Museum of Ica "Adolfo Bermudez Jenkins" / Ica
22. Julio C. Tello de Paracas Site Museum / Ica
23. Junín Regional Museum (Chupaca) / Junin
24. Loreto Amazon Museum / Loreto
25. Gold Room of the Municipal Museum of Vicús / Piura
26. Sillustani Archaeological Monument / Puno
27. Juli “Our Lady of Asunción” Temple Museum / Puno
28. Departmental Museum of San Martín / San Martin
29. Tacna Regional Historical Museum / Tacna
30. Site Museum of Las Peañas / Tacna
31. Archaeological Zone and Site Museum Jiménez Borja / Lima
32. Cumbe Mayo Archaeological Monument / Cajamarca
33. Huallamarca Archaeological Complex and Site Museum / Lima
34. Kotosh Monumental Archaeological Zone: Hands Crossed Temple, Temple of the Nichitos, White Temple / Huánuco
35. Pachacámac Archaeological Monument and Site Museum / Lima
36. Mateo Salado Archaeological Complex / Lima
37. Caral-Supe Archaeological Monument, World Heritage / Lima
38. Aspero Archaeological Monument / Lima
39. Vichama Archaeological Monument / Lima
40. Wari Archaeological Site and Site Museum / Ayacucho
41. Huaca Rajada Archaeological Monument / Lambayeque
42. Túcume Archaeological Monument Route A and B / Lambayeque
43. Chotuna Archaeological Monument - Chornancap / Lambayeque
44. Tipon Archaeological Park / Cusco
45. Pikillacta Archaeological Park / Cusco
46. Ollantaytambo Archaeological Park / Cusco
47. Pisaq Archaeological Park / Cusco
48. Chinchero Archaeological Park / Cusco
49. Moray Archaeological Park / Cusco
50. Saqsayhuaman Archaeological Park / Cusco
51. Qenqo Archaeological Site / Cusco
52. Puka Pukara Archaeological Site / Cusco
53. Tambomachay Archaeological Site / Cusco
54. Regional Site Museum / Cusco
55. Machupicchu Archaeological Park, Inka Trail network and Machu Picchu “Manuel Chávez Ballón” Site Museum / Cusco