Talk To A Guide

Talk to a Peruvian Guide

Teachers, parents and wishful travelers. Our team of beloved unemployed Peruvian guides are available to talk to you or your family/group by phone (WhatsApp), Zoom or Hangouts.
This is your chance to ask questions about Inca history, Qechua culture or the mysterious Machu Picchu citadel. Guides speak fluent English, Spanish and Qechua. 
Our guides bring their authentic voices into your living rooms and educational settings to entertain and educate with historical legends and stories of traditional life in the Andes. Think of this as "Dora the Explorer" comes to life!
Planning a special surprise for a birthday or anniversary? Tell us the name of the person and our guide will include a birthday greeting in English, Spanish or Qechua. 
Why are they doing this? To promote friendship and cross-cultural exchange at a time when it's not possible to explore in person.
There is no cost. Please share if you can!
To set up your appointment contact: INFO@AdiosAdventureTravel.COM